What is payout percentage?

16. 05. 04
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The pay-out percentage is the theoretical percentage that a game in an casino pays you back over a long period. An example of payout percentage is 95% for a certain video slot which means that on the long term (which can be very long) the game pays you back 95% of the money you paid. So if you wager 100 euro you will win 95 euro and 5 euro goes to the casino.

It's also possible that you win 200 euro with your first 100 euro which means that you have a payout percentage of 200%. If you would stop immediately and nobody plays this game anymore it means that the payout percentage of the game is 200%. But the moment you withdraw your 200 euro winnings 10 or more players could loose their money so the payout percentage of that game already went down close to the average.

You would say that a casino can never make money if they only earn 5% and the player gets 95%. But this payout percentage counts for 1 slots and a casino has more than 100 slots knowing that a casino always has an advantage over the player on each slot you can imagine that with many slots the advantage gets higher.

It's also calculated over the wagering a player does in the casino. If a player deposits 100 euro he can wager 5 euro on slot A and 50 euro on slot B where he maybe wins money and with those winnings he goes to slot C where he loose all the money he won on slot B. So in that case slot B has a high payout percentage and slot C a very low payout percentage. With thousands of players playing in an online casino you can be sure that a casino makes enough profit to earn money.

In some casinos payout percentage is shown as RTP. RTP means Return To Player.

Payout percentage on jackpot slots

Jackpot slots have normally a lower payout percentage to cover the contribution to the progressive jackpot. When you play a jackpot slot between 1% and 5% goes to the jackpot which is paid by the casino. So if you bet 1 euro than the money you play with is 1 euro and the casino will add 1% - 5% to the jackpot. This percentage will be deducted from the payout percentage so the casino will not loose on jackpot slots bets.