About us

I would like to introduce myself as the owner of Look4Casino.com. My name is Wouter Steen and as a casino lover, especially with video slots I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in playing at online casinos. In the last 7 years I tried many casinos and in the end I got a group of 5-6 casinos which I really like and still play sometimes. I wish I could play more but this website takes so much of my time that it's really occasionally that I play and then mostly to try new casinos before we publish it on our site.

Our project Look4Casino.com

Look4Casino is managed by a team of three people who are all casino players. We all like to try new casinos and that's how we came to the idea to set up Look4Casino.com. There are so many online casinos on the internet but it's difficult to know which casino to trust and to find the one with your needs.

At Look4Casino.com we made the search for you and tested all casinos before we add them to our site. Every casino is tested on many aspects by the three of us where everybody is looking at a few aspects. If we see problems with a certain casino we will not list it on our site and you can help us with adding reviews of each casino you played in so we and our visitors can see the experiences or real players.

We hope this site can help you to look for a good online casino which brings you a lot of winnings but most important a lot of pleasure.

Good luck and have fun

Wouter Steen
Managing Director
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