Online casinos come and go and unfortunately sometimes they go with problems or people losing a lot of money. So before we show you the new online casinos on our site we first want to warn you to be careful when playing at a new online casino. Why? Let's give you some reasons.

- New online casinos might not have enough money yet to be able to pay out big prizes
- They might have some technical issues and the casino may not be working 100% correctly yet. Many owners want to have their casino online as soon as possible even if there are still some problems in the casino
- There are not so many players yet so it might take longer for a price to be won statistically. On the other hand, there are fewer players so more chance that you belong to the winners.

But playing in a new online casino also has many advantages and of course we want to show you these advantages as well.

- They need players so they offer nice bonuses and they are very nice to you because they need to keep their customers (of course there are exceptions)
- Some technical errors can also cause problems in your advantage
- They have nice and fresh promotions

Sometimes, we may think that a new casino is born each day but it's not so easy to start a new casino. After our list of new casinos you can read how to start an online casino and what difficulties you can expect.

Now a list of New Online Casinos. Of course you can always add your online casino to this list if you are a casino owner.

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Slotty Vegas Casino

visit Slotty Vegas Casino   read review Slotty Vegas Casino

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BETAT Casino

visit BETAT Casino   read review BETAT Casino

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Bitstarz casino

visit BitStarz Casino   read review BitStarz Casino

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visit Campeonbet casino   read review Campeonbet casino

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Cashmio Casino

visit Cashmio casino   read review Cashmio casino

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visit Casino Land   read review Casino Land

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Codeta Casino

visit Codeta  casino   read review Codeta casino

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Dunder Casino

visit Dunder Casino   read review Dunder Casino

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visit Evobet casino   read review Evobet casino

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visit Fruits4real casino   read review Fruits4real casino

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insta casino

visit Insta Casino   read review Insta Casino

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Joker Casino

visit Joker Casino  

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Kaboo Casino

visit Kaboo Casino   read review Kaboo Casino

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Casino Mucho Vegas

visit Mucho Vegas Casino  

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Rizk casino

visit Rizk Casino Casino   read review Rizk Casino

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visit Slots Cafe   read review Slots Cafe

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spin station casino

visit Spin Station   read review Spin Station

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Sugar Casino

visit Sugar Casino  

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visit Svenbet casino   read review Svenbet casino

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thrills casino

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Viks Casino

visit Viks Casino   read review Viks Casino

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visit Wixstars Casino  

Start a new online casino

With money, you can buy everything including a new online casino. But running an online casino is not that easy and if you are interested to start a new casino and you don't have the knowledge, we advise you first to find good managers to run it for you.

Where to start

There are two options to start an Online Casino:
- Start your own from scratch
- Start with a white label

Start your own casino from Scratch

When you have a good development team and knowledge about starting an online casino, you can build a new online casino from scratch. But this will take you a long time and it's very risky if there are software mistakes and players are winning money because of these mistakes or find ways to cheat the casino.

The advantage with having your own developed casino is that you will save a lot of money with the fee you need to pay when you work with a white label provider. So your profit will be bigger but your development cost will be higher. However, this is just a matter of making good calculations and see what will work best for you.

Another advantage is the whole casino looks and functionality. You can make the casino completely how you want it and make the navigation and layout exactly how you think it will work best.

One of the disadvantages is the high cost you have with maintaining the casino. You will need to pay for the support staff salaries, bank processing cost, gaming suppliers cost. With a white label this is most of the times lower because they can bring more volume to the 3rd parties.

Start your own casino with a white label

A white label is a ready casino which you basically rent from a company who already made the whole casino for you and will manage the payments processing, support and game providers. The only thing you have to do is the whole marketing, thereforebringing players to the casino.

A white label casino is a very fast and relatively easy solution and it might cost you 1-3 months to have it up and running. The downside is the set-up fee which can range from 10.000 euro to 100.000 euro depending on the package and the percentage of the revenue you need to pay every month. But of course the white label provider needs to earn money as well and he has many costs due to the games provider, processing costs and support team.

A disadvantage is that you are limited to the functionalities and layout of the white label provider. They will not change something very easily for you unless you can bring a lot of money for them. And any change will cost time and money.

Ready, set and make money

Easily said but not so easily done. To run a profitable casino you need a lot of players and deposits. Players win which is good but of course if the payout is too high you might not make profit. It takes a few months before you really make good profit and you always need to have money aside in case you have big wins. You would not be the first online casino which has to stop because of a big winner.

How can you get new players?

With all the new regulations in many countries it's not that easy anymore to do a lot of advertising. So you need to be very creative and work mainly with affiliates. An affiliate is a company or private person who will bring players to your casino and will earn a commission for this. This promotion is mostly through a casino portal but some affiliates also use mailers, Facebook ads or big forums.

So the above might give you a good start when you win a jackpot on a jackpot slot and have a few millions left to start your new hobby, owning your own online casino.