Wazdan is on the market for more than 10 years. In 2010 they received the MGA license and in 2017 they acquired an UK licence. Wazdan became famous for their unique volatility levels where players can decide to play the same slot on a low volatility or high volatility level. In addition they offer the double screen mode and energy save mode.

They have more than 100 games in their assortment existing of HTML5 slots, table games and video poker games. 

Volatility levels

A large selection of wazdan games have the unique volatility level feature where you can change the volatility of the game. With the high lovality level you win big prizes but in low frequency and with low volatility you win many prizes but very low value. But you can also stick with the medium volatility level to stay in control.

Energy Saving mode

Wazdan thinks about your battery with the Energy Saving mode. You can enable this feature and you will extend the life of your battery with 40%. The feature is available on all mobile devices like tablets, phones and laptops.

Unique Gamble Feature

With the Unique Gamble Feature you can double your winnings. You can do this up to 7 times and gives you a 50/50 chance for double wins. 

Double Screen Mode

A big disadvantage of playing on mobile phone is the small screen and the functionality of the game features. With the Double Screen Mode you can play the game and also have the paylines above the reels. This is very usefull and also gives you the option to quickly change the bet of the game.

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