This page is for most players the most wanted page. Who doesn't want free spins, a 100% bonus with the first deposit or collect points with a casino loyalty program and redeem them for real cash? On this page you will find an overview of the different promotions you can find at an online casino and by clicking on the image you see all online casinos who offer the specific promotion.

But before you get crazy and take all available bonuses we first want to warn you of the following things so you don't loose in the end.

Tips for taking online casino promotions

1. Always read the terms and conditions of each promotion. You don't pay for a health insurance without knowing where you are covered for. So also with a promotion you want to know what you get and also what you don't get. Some promotions are not valid when using an e-wallet. Some promotions have a maximum withdraw or maximum amount per bet. So never forget to read the small letters.

2. If you have budget then take the maximum bonus to enjoy of more money to play with. There are actually players who deposit 20 euro with the first deposit to get a 100% bonus which is 20 euro while with their second deposit they deposit 200 euro and don't get a bonus or only 50% bonus. Why not deposit 250 euro with the first deposit to get a maximum bonus of 250 or 200. So always check the max. bonus and take this max. bonus.

I understand that some people want to start with small amount to see if the casino is reliable but nowadays there not so many bad casinos anymore and you can also read our article How to choose an online casino which gives you more tips when you are looking for a new casino.

3. When you want to ask for a bonus or free spins after you lost a lot of money always be polite and understand if the support member can't give you a bonus for that one time. If you are rude and swear you will never get a bonus but you do get a nice comment in your player's sheet for the next time you want something. Treat the support people nice and they will treat you nice as well. The life of the customer support agent is already difficult enough.

These are some quick tips which can help you to enjoy more from casino promotions. If you want to know more you can always read our article The secrets of casino promotions.


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