Gaming license for online casinos

There are a few countries in the world where you can apply for a gaming license and offer legal casino play to those inhabitants. Especially in Europe there is a lot of development going on and more and more countries are legalising online gambling which also means that they are trying to block casinos who don't have a license.

This depends very strongly per country. For example in Belgium you can get a license only when you already have a landbased casino. Some online casinos gained partnership with landbased casinos to be able to get an online license. There are about 20 online casinos with Belgium license and the Belgium Gaming Authority is blocking all casinos who don't have a license.

In the UK, online casinos can get a license since 2014 from the UK Gambling Commission. The UK gaming law is very strict and online casinos with a UK license have to be very carefull with advertising their brands. You are not allowed to mention 'free spins' or 'big bonuses' without terms and conditions and sneaky terms and conditions attached to the offers.

Another country which was very fast with legalising online gambling is Denmark. They were one of the first to offer a license for online gambling and many other countries are following the strategy of this country.

Malta or Curacao license

The most casinos are running on a Malta or Curacao license. Both licenses don't have much value in their country but they do worlwide in markets where there is no legalislation yet or countries who are trying to set up a new gaming law. Especially a Maltese license for online casinos is very popular if you are targeting Europe and some European countries accept only casinos with a Maltese license before they implement their own gaming law.

Why not 1 license for all Europe

That's a good question which we are asking ourself as well all the time. The EU is trying to push free trade and employment over whole EU and they want to make laws who are counting over whole Europe except a gaming law. Wouldn't it be easy to have 1 license for whole Europe where you can offer casino games to all EU countries.

But like always EU member states don't want to loose taxes income because there is a lot of money involved with tax rates between 15% and 32%. 

Below you can find the countries with a gaming license and when you click on the logo you can see all casinos with this license.


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