On this page you will find all casinos who are active in Australia. Players from Australia can open an account at these casinos and play with real money. They are in the English language and accept the Australian Dollar as currency method.

Gambling popularity in Australia

According to a research by Las Vegas Advisor named "Aussie - the world biggest gamblers", an adult in Australia looses $990 per year on gambling. Another report says that online gambling is growing 15% per year and more than 80% of Australian residents played 1 or more times in a casino. Many online casinos love players from Australia but some casinos decided to leave this market because of legal issues with the gambling law in Australia which still didn't came active. 

Online Casino law in Australia

At the moment it's very confusing for Australian residents if they are allowed to play at online casinos. The fact is that it's not legal to operate an online casino in Australia but there are still many online casinos accepting players from Australia. There is no law against playing on casino sites so as a player there is not much to worry about when you want to place bets at an internet casino. 

The active law in Australia is the Interactive Gaming Act (IGA) of 2001. This law is saying that players can not be punished for playing real money games online. Until now no player has been prosecuted for playing at an online casino so you are safe to choose one of the casinos below to play and win real money.

There are gambling categories who can apply for a gambling license in Australia. These are betting on auto-races, sports betting and online lottery sites.

You do have to take in consideration that online casinos can not gain a license in Australia at the moment and they can be prosecuted or receive fines for offering online casino games. In 2018 many online casinos left the Australian market and a few times per month another casino is leaving the market. So there is a small danger that you are playing at a certain online casino and that specific casino decides to leave the Australian gambling market. For this reason we want to warn you to never leave big balances in your casino account and payout winnings as fast as possible.

Do I pay tax over my winnings?

Unless you are a professional gambler and have to pay income tax over the winnings, everybody winning at an online casino don't have to pay gaming tax. Gambling is seen as a form of recreation and there is luck involved and players should not be punished for a lucky day.

Which online casinos are active in Australia?

Below you will find an overview of online casinos which are still active in Australia and where you can open an account.

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