The top 8 Jackpot Wins at an online casino

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Created: 13 February 2016
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Many slot players are dreaming of that once in a lifetime moment where they see the winning jackpot combination which will make them a millionaire in just 1 spin. Unfortunately for most players this will stay a dream, however don't lose hope! There are players out there who had lady luck on their side and became a jackpot slot player millionaire overnight.

We have collected 8 amazing stories of such players who's lives have been changed and are now able to buy that car they always wanted or go on holiday to amazing destinations.

Jonathan Heywood won €17.879.645 in October 2015

Jonathan Heywood scored until today, the world's highest jackpot win ever on the online video slot Mega Moolah. The 26 years old man from Cheshire played at Betway and in 7 minutes time after his £30 deposit he became a multi-millionair and owns now the world record.

Although his life totally changed he still showed up at work the next day but he also bought a very nice present for himself - a yellow Bentley Continental GT. A big part of his win will go to his family and friends, especially his father who is waiting for heart and lung transplant.

betway jackpot winner

Klaus E. won €4.977.830 in April 2008

Klaus E. from Finland won an amount of €4.977.830 with winning the Mega Moolah Jackpot at casino Blackjack Ballroom. He went to Sydney where he picked up his check and got interviewed by the casino. By now Klaus E. paid off his appartment and made some nice holidays.

Interview with Klaus E.


Aberdeen Fisherman won €6.400.000 in October 2013

A married father from Aberdeen who is a professional fisherman went fishing for a jackpot at casino Betvictor and had a good catch with a jackpot win of €6.4 million on the jackpot slot Hall of Gods.

The player started with 20p per spin while he almost never plays on slot games. He is a big fan of sportsbook and poker games at BetVictor but wanted to try something else for a change, which made him a millionair.

The winner chose to stay anonymous and was not sure yet what to do with the money. He did know that he would continue his job as fisherman otherwise he would just get bored.

fisherman jackpot winner


Norwegian student won €11.736.228 in September 2011

Talking about your life changing in a few seconds. A student went to play at Betsson Casino after watching a late movie and tried the jackpot slot Mega Fortune. It sure became a big fortune because he won the jackpot for a mega amount of €11.736.228. That night he didn't manage to sleep and he was shaking and sweating for hours until he got the confirmation from the Betsson team. 

He didn't know what to do with the money because he still didn't believed it happened. Betsson offered the man an independent consultant to give some good advice what to do with the money.

mega fortune jackpot slot


Finnish man won €17.861.812 in January 2013

Online Casino delivered the world record jackpot winner playing on Mega Fortune and winning almost 18 millio euro. The 40 year old man from Finland requested to stay anonymous. He did gave an interview to the PAF casino and below are a few of his reactions.

How did you react when you realized you had won this amazing jackpot?

“It was completely unreal, I laughed and cried all at once. Can this really be happening? I wondered. But everything was so out of this world that I can hardly recall any of it. Then I called my girlfriend and told her that a huge win had just come in. She calmed me down and told me to keep both feet on the ground and just sit tight.”

How does it feel now, one day later?

“It’s all still very unreal.”

Have you grasped how much money 18 million euros is?

“It is so much money that it is honestly quite hard to grasp.”

Do you know what you will do with the money yet?

“My first thought was that now I can help my relatives, make their lives easier. Then I might start looking around for a nicer car.”

What kind of experiences have you had with Paf as a gaming company?

“I have been a customer at Paf for two to three years and mostly play with small stakes. I like the games and the payback rate is good.”

Any favourite games?

“I’m really a poker player, but Mega Fortune is now my new favourite at Paf!”

What do you do in your spare time?

“I am going to hire a personal trainer and hopefully get in shape.”

PAF CEO, Anders Ingves made clear that they were very happy with this win but also advised players who win these kind of amounts to see economic counseling and remain anonymous. And most important take a break from playing for a while.

Video of the jackpot win


Peter from Norway won €4.850.000 in March 2010

The video slot Arabian Nights is just another million euro jackpot slot from Netent which was also experienced by Peter from Norway who won €4.8 million. The jackpot has been growing for a long time and with a bet of €5 he saw 5 Arabian princes showing up which changed his life forever. He contacted the live support member and his first words were "Is this true?"

Read below the chat transcript from Peter with the live chat member about his jackpot win

10:17:28 PM Is this true???

10:17:50 PM Hi "Peter", Welcome to Betsson Support, I am Mike. What can I do for you?

10:18:28 PM Hi. Take a look at my account balance.

10:18:43 PM Is this really true???

10:19:18 PM What do you mean?

10:19:35 PM Have I won the Jackpot?

10:19:56 PM One moment.

10:20:16 PM I am shivering now!!!!

10:21:29 PM One moment "Peter", I am checking this now.

10:21:38 PM Thanks.

10:21:48 PM Hoping for a phone call

10:24:47 PM now???

10:25:08 PM I can confirm that you have won a Jackpot!

10:25:14 PM Do you want me to call you?

10:25:20 PM JESUS!!!!

10:25:50 PM Will some one call me to confirm it??

10:26:14 PM We can call you to confirm, if that's what you want?

10:26:43 PM No, I can see that the money is on my Betsson-account.

10:27:04 PM Congratulations!

10:27:06 PM But how much is it (€4,850,000, ed) in Norwegian Crowns???

10:27:41 PM I can calculate, give me a second.

10:29:43 PM In Norwegian Crowns is it today 38 119 098,24

10:30:07 PM OMG, thx, thx, thx!!!

10:30:46 PM Your welcome. Again, congratulations!

10:30:58 PM If you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

10:31:13 PM Thank you!!!!!

arabian night jackpot slot


Swedish player won €2.500.000 in September 2014

A Swedish player proved that you can become a jackpot winner on your mobile phone when they won €2.5 million at LeoVegas casino on the slot Mega Fortune Touch. This is the mobile version of the jackpot slot and has the same features and jackpot as the desktop version.

The played decided to stay anonymous and was not willing to give any comments on his win.

leo vegas jackpot win


Georgios M. won €6.374.599 in May 2009

Georgios was a regular player at casino River Belle however he had never been so lucky until May 9, 2009. That day is luck changed and Georgios became the largest jackpot winner from a Microgaming slot.  He shared the news with his wife who thought he was making fun of her but slowly realized that some things in their life was about to change.

Georgios advice to all casino players was: "Do not lose hope because small moments can change your life. I will continue to play at this online casino, it has definitely changed my life!" He also said that he will take his family on a nice holiday and make some investments for his business.

jackpot win


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You can see for yourself that winning a jackpot in an online casino is possible, however you need to know how a progressive jackpot works and be aware of the dangers of playing on jackpot slots. Always play the highest bet to be able to win the jackpot but don't lose control over your money because playing the highest bet means a risk of losing money fast. But who knows, soon your name could be published in this article as one of the jackpot winners.

'You need to be in it to win it!'