Casinos. A very new thing for me! Never visited one, never used it for fun before or even out of curiosity. It was a subject which never came to my path until recently.

I decided to start getting in touch with it, writing my own experiences. A whole series of different gambling experiences of activities. So let’s take this journey together and travel through the live and online Casinos, with my experiences.


How to find a reliable online casino

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Finding my first online casino

As a beginner in casinos online and casinos in general, today I will share my experience in finding a reliable online casino. I noted down some baby steps and here we go. My first thought would be that I should be really careful when searching online because you do not know what kinda of traps might be hiding out there.

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History and benefit of online gambling

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History of gambling

Today we take a walk first, back in the days when the online casino has first started. Online gambling which includes casino games, poker and sports events, has been around for more than a decade now; it has begun in the mid-1990s. The very first indication goes back to the Paleolithic period when humans started using the stone as a survival tool. Where in China these games were popular 1000 years BC.

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