How to make a screenshot

Created: 28 January 2017
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When you play at an online casino it's very important to know how you make a screenshot. When you have a problem the first thing you need to do is to make a screenshot. A casino might change something when you are waiting for a solution on a problem or for any prove in case you need to go to court. You never know what can happen and you are 10 times stronger when you have screenshots of the situation.

How do you make a screenshot?

There are different ways to make a screenshot and you can download special software with more features like pointing out special parts of the screen or add text to the screenshot.

1. Make a screenshot on your windows laptop

The most easy way is to click on the button 'PrntScr' on your keyboard. It will make a screenshot and copies it to the clipboard. You can then open the paint program and paste it on a new paint screen and save the image.

The video below shows exactly how to make a screenshot on a windows laptop

2. Make a screenshot on your Mac

- Press Shift-Command (⌘)-3.
- Find the screenshot as a .png file on your desktop

For more options to make a screenshot on a Mac you can visit the Apple support site.

3. Make a screenshot on an Android phone

To make a screenshot on your Android phone when you are playing in a mobile casino is not difficult but there are different ways and each phone has its own way. It's mostly a combination of the power button and another button like the volume or home button. On a specialized android site you can find more information about this.

Screenshot software

There are many programs you can download and you can use to make a screenshot with. The one we use and recommend is Lightshot. It's a small software of 2.5 mb and it replaces the standard screenshot function on your device. You can start by clicking on the screenshot button of you device or open the program.

You can make a screenshot from your total screen or select an area. After that you can point to certain areas of the image or highlight the part you want to show.

The screenshot can be saved on your laptop, copied on the clipboard or uploaded so you can send a link which somebody can open by clicking on the link.

You can download the software on the softonic site and doesn't have any viruses or cause problems.