Created: 28 January 2017
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When you play at an online casino it's very important to know how you make a screenshot. When you have a problem the first thing you need to do is to make a screenshot. A casino might change something when you are waiting for a solution on a problem or for any prove in case you need to go to court. You never know what can happen and you are 10 times stronger when you have screenshots of the situation.

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Created: 07 May 2016
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The Random Number Generator (RNG) is the engine of a casino game and is necessary to ensure that each spin or hand in a table game is determined honestly. For the casino it also takes care that the outcome from a game is unpredictable.

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Created: 04 May 2016
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The pay-out percentage is the theoretical percentage that a game in an casino pays you back over a long period. An example of payout percentage is 95% for a certain video slot which means that on the long term (which can be very long) the game pays you back 95% of the money you paid. So if you wager 100 euro you will win 95 euro and 5 euro goes to the casino.

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