Can I count cards in Blackjack at an online casino?

Created: 08 September 2017
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Counting Cards was many years ago a very clever strategy to win at the Blackjack table. It's not illegal to do so, but casinos don't like players who use this strategy and at land based casinos the dealer will notice these kinds of strategies more easily. In online casinos it's impossible to use a card counting strategy and we explain why below..

What is counting cards at Blackjack?

When a player is using the card counting strategy, he gives each dealt card a positive or negative value. Each card gets a value and every moment of the game the player knows the score of these values. At the start, right after the dealer has shuffled the cards, he starts counting at 0. Low value cards count for 1 and high value cards count for -1. When the total value is low it means that more high value cards are dealt so the player has less chance of getting a high value card. If the total value is high then there are still many high value cards in the stock so more chances to get a high value card.

Video Card counting

Card counting strategy at an online casino

You can stop dreaming because counting cards at an online casino is not possible. Online Casinos are playing with more stocks of cards so it's more difficult to predict the outcome of the next card. In addition, at online casino the cards will be shuffled after each round so you will need to start from 0 again. You can try at any online casino and see the results of it.