Why do I need to send my documents when I make a withdrawal?

Created: 10 December 2016
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At most casinos you can make deposits without any difficulties but when you win miney and request a withdrawal you suddenly have to send all kind of documents. It looks like they try to make it as difficult as possible but there is a good reason why you need to do this.

Why they need documents?

A casino wants to be sure that the money they send arrives at the correct person. 98% of withdrawals are correct but there is a small percentage fraud cases and a casino doesn't want to pay out money to a fraud case. When a player makes a deposit with a stolen creditcard and he wants to send any winnings to his bank account the casino wants to check if the player can show that's indeed his creditcard. In this case the casino wants you to send a bank statement which shows your address details and the creditcard number. You can always make the first 8 number black so you don't have to show the complete creditcard number.

What documents you need to send?

These are at most casinos the following:
- Identification documents like driving license, passport or ID
- Utility bill like water or electricity bill
- Copy of bank statement with the creditcard used

What does the casino do with these documents?

Not much. They will save them on a server and if you have a good casino you can assure that your documents are saved in a good place.

Do I need to send the documents every time I win?

No, you only need to send the documents one time or when you have a change in address or in case your passport is expired you might have to send them again.