How does a live casino work?

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Created: 08 January 2016
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Online casinos have existed for more than 15 years. Throughout these 15 years, many companies have come up with new innovations. Playing online against live dealers is one of these top 3 innovations. In a time where many players enjoyed playing online, however questioned whether or not they could trust the system behind an online casino, the live casino seemed like the perfect idea for those people. Players are able to play against real human dealers like playing in a land based casino. However how does this clever idea work, and is a live casino more reliable than other casino games? We will give you the answer to these and more questions about playing in a live casino on the internet.

History of the live casino

The first casino who introduced live casino games through video streaming from a real casino was Dublinbet.  This was a UK based online casino which started with this idea and had 1 blackjack table with a real human dealer.
After this first introduction of the live casino, a new company named Evolution Gaming offered a better live casino system and they became the market leader for offering live casino games. Nowadays they have the best studios with casinos like 888 casino with their own dedicated studios offering services to only to 888 casino players.
After Evolution Gaming several other companies started offering live casino games including well-known providers like Netent and Microgaming.

The live dealer system

Live Dealer games providers work from large studios where a real casino environment is set up complete with cameras and tools for the live dealers to offer the games to the players. These tools are in the form of screens and contain all the information about the player, microphones and of course the play tables for the games.

live dealer studio
When you want to play live casino games you will visit a special lobby where you can choose the game and the bet limits you want to play. After opening the specific table you can choose a virtual chair from where you want to play. You will see your position on the table, however in reality you are not really sitting on that chair. The casino games are streamed live to your desktop or mobile devices and there is an interaction between you and the dealer.
The rest works basically the same as a land based casino where the dealer spins the roulette wheel or deals the cards with blackjack and baccarat. The actions you carry out and the bets you place happen on your laptop and the dealer will see your actions on their screen.
There is also an option to chat with the dealer and the dealer can chat back to you. Therefore the social aspect of a land based casino is also integrated in the online live casino system. On the chat you cannot ask real support questions regarding your wagering requirements or deposits/withdraws. For these questions you will need to go through the live chat service with support team.


You might wonder if it's safe to play live casino games. The majority of providers such as Evolution are working according to strict rules and safety procedures. Evolution is ISO certified and is checked by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. They also have their own Media Control Room where a special fraud and risk department checks all the rounds played and are able to review all activities taken place on the tables.

Live Casino Games

At the moment the games which are offered in a live dealer environment are blackjack, roulette, baccarat and casino hold'em. The rules are the same as playing in a land based casino and online casino.
An online casino has a special lobby for the live casino games which is controlled by the live dealer provider. The casino will embed that lobby in their website so it looks like it belongs to the online casino however it's actually managed by a 3rd party company. This means you can be assured that the casino itself can not do anything to influence the live casino games.

Live dealers

The live dealers from the biggest providers are all trained dealers with a wealth of experience. They are friendly, always up for a nice chat and good looking. These aspects are very important because the main job of these dealers is to keep the player in the casino. In the same way a barman needs to retain the visitors in the bar to make money for the bar owner, the same applies to the live dealers who need to keep the players in the casino and play lots of rounds on the table.

dealers live casino

Live casino games in the future

With the increasing popularity of playing mobile casinos, the popularity of live casinos will encounter technical problems from time to time. This is mainly down to the streaming on your phone as it can occasionally become too heavy for mobile devices. However there are good systems in place that your mobile device supports already, and we believe that in time this problem will also be resolved.
We also anticipate a growth in live casino games on TV which is already a big thing in the UK where you can play against live dealers with your existing casino account or even place bets with your phone.
Live casino games will definitely stay popular and will be developed further for more games and a better environment. The innovation of a slot game is difficult, however with live casino games there are many more chances to introduce something new which we will hopefully see in the coming years.

Best live casinos

On our live casinos page you can find those casinos who are offering live casinos. If you are uncertain of which casino to choose we have listed below the top 3 casinos to play live casino games.
888 Casino:  They have their own studios which is already a huge investment, however it also means that they use their own dedicated dealers and think the 888 casino way

live casino 888
Royal Panda: Not the strongest live dealer games, however a very reliable online casino where you can enjoy great promotions and good games

Casino Euro: online casino with a very good reputation and good live casino games.

royal panda