How to become a Casino Affiliate?

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Created: 14 August 2015
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Online casinos use a variety of different media sources to advertise their casinos in order to attract players. One of the main sources that they use is an affiliate site which is managed by a webmaster. An affiliate works on a commission basis by promoting one or more casinos.
This article explains how an affiliate program works, how much you can expect to earn from a casino affiliate program, and most importantly how to get started.

What is an affiliate program?

Every casino is connected with an affiliate program. The majority of the time you will be able to find a link on the casino site saying 'affiliates' or affiliate program'. When you click on such a link, you will automatically be re-directed to a new site where you will find the affiliate program. Some affiliate programs enable the promotion of more than one casino, plus other gambling sites such as poker, bingo or sports betting.

An affiliate program exist of two parts. First you have the website which contains all the information about the program as well as some promotional information. Secondly you have the account pages which can be accessed once you have opened an account. With some affiliate programs you need to be approved first before you can start, however a well-designed and thought through affiliate program will allow you to start immediately.

In your affiliate account you will find the following sections:

- Your account and payment details
- Marketing materials such as banners, mailers, text, etc.
- Statistics of your earnings, sign-ups and clicks
- News and promotions
- Payment history

casino affiliate account

How do I start promoting a casino?

A Casino Affiliate promotes an online casino in a number of different ways. The most common way is to add a banner and/or text link to their web site. They write a review of the casino or place a banner with a link to the casino.

Other ways of promoting a casino is by sending mailers to a database, running a promotional campaign in social media or advertising in various media. So, in short; you don't always need a website to become an affiliate and many affiliates become rich by using innovative and unique ways.

How does a casino track players?

In your affiliate account you will find a link which contains your unique tracking code. Most of the time you will be able to open a campaign or zone for each position on your site or for different sites so you know where the players are coming from. You need to use this link with your unique tracking code as it's the only way a casino can track your player. If you just use the default casino link the player will not enter your account and you will not receive any income.

The moment a visitor on your site clicks on a link, they will automatically be re-directed to the casino. The casino will place a cookie on that visitors’ computer. The cookie is then able to identify when a visitor opens an account at the casino, and then they will be registered under your tracking code and all income will be rewarded to your account.

How can I earn money as an affiliate?

A casino affiliate program offers three commission options. The most common is the revenue share percentage and some programs also offer CPA or Hybrid. Below is an explanation of these models.

1. Revenue share
You receive a percentage (for example between 25% and 50%) of the loss of each of the players you refer to the casino.

2. CPA
You receive a fixed amount (for example between €100 and €300) for each player on their first deposit made.

3. Hybrid
Combination of revenue share and CPA. You receive first a CPA amount when the player makes their first deposit, plus a revenue share of the loss of the player.

example of a revenue share deal

Choosing the model which is right for you, is dependent mostly on the website and traffic you send through. If you have a site where you promote lots of free spins and no-deposit bonuses we would advise you to choose a CPA model.
When you send good casino players, it's better to go for the revenue share percentage because with a few high rollers you will earn much more money than with the CPA model.

Many affiliates who send mailers as promotional media, choose a Hybrid deal so that they can cover the cost of the mailing with the CPA and the revenue share to earn money. Of course the revenue share percentage and CPA amount in a Hybrid deal is lower than CPA or revenue share deal separately.! 

How much money can I expect to earn as an affiliate?

This is a logical question but unfortunately not a simple answer. As an affiliate just starting out, you need patience and a bit of luck! It can take months before the first depositing players start coming through; however when you are lucky and your first players are good players you will start to see some good income.

The most important thing to remember when generating an income through an affiliate program is the volume of traffic coming to your site.
Anyone can make an amazing website, however if you don't have visitors then you will never earn anything. So once your site is finished, it's then time to start concentrating on attracting visitors to it.

Many affiliates start with full enthusiasm, however after 4-5 months they stop because they haven't earn anything or if they have it’s usually just a few euros to cover just the cost.

Successful affiliates can earn anything from 1000 to 10.000 + per month. These affiliates are the ones who have persevered and built up a nice network of players at different casinos. So even though the competition is big and can be difficult to get high rankings in google, it's never too late to get started. Remember there is a piece of the pie for everybody!

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