History and benefit of online gambling

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Created: 13 November 2019
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Today we take a walk first, back in the days when the online casino has first started. Online gambling which includes casino games, poker and sports events, has been around for more than a decade now; it has begun in the mid-1990s. The very first indication goes back to the Paleolithic period when humans started using the stone as a survival tool. Where in China these games were popular 1000 years BC. 

The first online casino was found in 1991, the same day that the internet was released for the first time. Within this period it has improved in graphics, sound, control function among others.

It has become one of the most attractive activities of the millennium era. More and more people around the world log on gaming sites to play for fun or for money. It’s a fact that online casinos have become more popular than land-based casinos because they have more benefits.

We have collected 7 reasons why online gambling has more benefits than disadvantages:.


What’s better than sitting comfortable at your own place, at any time you wish and just do your gambling thing while you relaxing or watching TV or taking a break from your activities. And also without worrying about dressing up and if you looking good.


With on line gambling you stop spending money on various expenses such as car petrol or paying for accommodation or diner and lots beverages. Furthermore, you don’t feel the pressure to risk big amount of money, therefore if you lose you won’t feel disappointed.

Bonus and prizes

On line gambling is more advanced that the local casinos, in giving bigger bonuses and more prizes. This is because they do not have big expenses such as renting buildings, buying all the necessary equipment or paying expensive electricity bills.

For example you may receive birthday bonus.

Play anonymously

It feels indeed relieved to know that you can play at the comfort of your own space, without worrying if somebody’.

Loyalty points

Loyalty points are one of the biggest benefits when gambling online. Even when you are losing you can still continue playing, by gathering points and use them to buy credits or win prize bonus. And note this; the more you play at a specific casino the more the chances to gather more points.

Big selection of games

On line casinos offer unlimited range of games. From the classics ones which you can find in local casinos also, to the latest up to date technology. They are even better than the live casinos.

Deposit options

Gambling online has a bigger range of payment systems than the live casinos. Players can choose a secure deposit method such as; PayPal, Credit cards, Ukash and so on. What you can actually do is buy e-vouchers with cash and use the voucher to make your online deposit.

My conclusion

So first thing I have learned so far about online gambling is that they are popular, fun AND a great way to earn lots money at your own convenience. Not taking big risks of losing big money, in the contrary you might even become rich overnight!

Next step is visiting a local casino! How exciting that sounds hey! Stay tuned for our next experience together gambling live. 

Ciao casino lovers!


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