How do 243 ways of slots work

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Created: 23 June 2019
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Slots are, without a doubt one of the most popular types of casino games around. Traditionally, slots machines were pretty much mechanical, with a coin being used to trigger the spins. While such older machines did deliver the fun and nice payouts, they were quite limited in their workings. Most had a maximum of three reels, which technically meant the number of possible winning combinations was limited. 

With the development of online gaming, we have seen more and more innovative ideas being introduced to such old casino games. Currently, the industry is abuzz with thousands of video slots offered in online casinos. One of the main advantages to this online revolution is the flexibility it offers in terms of the game design. In this article, we will be explaining one of the most popular of these innovations, which brought about the idea of 243 Ways Slots. Our review will entail a detailed description of how these 243 Ways Slots work as well as their pros and cons in contrast to other types of slots.

What are 243 Ways Slots?

One of the reasons why slots are very popular as a casino game is in their simple nature in terms of gameplay. This is a relatively easier game to learn, as all it entails is coming up with a combination of symbols on the reels. But in these combinations lie the trick to winning. The general rule is that the symbol on the slots machine has to appear in a specific arrangement, known as a ‘Payline’ for it to be considered as a win. These paylines have to appear from left to right.

The number of paylines available will depend on the game’s design, primarily the number of reels. For instance, if we had a slot machine with one reel only, then each symbol on the game could appear once. This means that for each reel added; you increase the winning combinations by a factor of three. 

As the name suggests, a 243 ways slots game is one in which you will have up to 243 different ways to get a winning combination, also known as a payline. To get to the 243 figure is pretty basic mathematics. As we mentioned above, each reel added to the slots machine adds to the possible winning ways by a factor of three. So if we are to have a game with five reels, then that would mean the paylines would be 3 x 3 x 3 x 3 x 3, which adds up to 243.

How do 243 Ways Slots Work?

243 Ways Slots are designed to work just like any other online slots machine. As usual, the types of symbols used will depend on the game’s storyline or theme. The rules tend to be generally the same, where all you have to do is match the symbols in a specific manner to win. The key distinguishing factor here is in the number of this winning paylines. 

With most online slots machines, such as those with 25 paylines, players are allowed to adjust the number of paylines to remain active on each spin. This means you can choose to play with less than the entire number of payline. With each payline activated, you will normally be required to pay some extra coins. With 243 Ways Slots, on the other hand, every possible combination remains active. With such a game, you will not have to go through the hustle of activating and paying for each payline. All the spots on the reels are covered. So if, for instance, you are lucky enough to combine five symbols on the reels in any order, you will be guaranteed a payout.

Advantages and Disadvantages of 243 Ways Slots

The idea of having all possible winning lines active is quite advantageous to you as a player. For example, with regular slots, you will have to remember or keep on checking the pattern of the paylines you activated. This is not the case with such an all ways slots as the 243 Ways slots machines. The paylines will remain active all through. 

The second advantage is in terms of your budget. As we mentioned earlier, regular slots will have you pay for each payline activated. This means that for instance, if you want to activate 10 paylines of which each gets a coin worth $0.5, then your total budget would be $5. But if you were to use the same amount in a 243 ways slots, then you would be getting more value with more paylines. 

But the most obvious of the advantages is that 243 Ways slots give you a higher probability of winning. Will all the spaces covered, then it means you are guaranteed a win simply be getting 3, 4 or 5 similar symbols appearing at a time. Mathematically, the probability of winning is higher. 

243 Ways slots are quite advantageous. So you might be wondering what are the cons of playing here. Indeed, there is one main disadvantage of playing in such slots machines. Since the likelihood of winning is way higher, then the amount paid out is consequently set to be relatively lower. As such, 243 ways slots give you many wins with smaller payouts, compared to regular slots that have larger payouts that don’t occur all too often.

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