How to Become a Good Blackjack Player

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Created: 01 February 2019
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There is no beating the hard facts – blackjack ranks among one of the most popular casino games played online. The game is a longstanding fascination among professionals and gambling amateurs alike, offering a straightforward set of rules, a solid choice of popular variants, a classy atmosphere and a promising winning potential. Unlike some other card games, blackjack requires some form of conscious engagement from the player and that’s what makes it all the more alluring. People fail in blackjack for various reasons, but on this occasion, we’ll focus more on the things you can do to improve your game and become a blackjack player with admirable winning consistency.

Thorough knowledge of the rules is imperative

A good blackjack player would never embarrass himself and damage the bankroll due to not knowing the rules of the game in detail. Before you can master blackjack in practice you need to be a connoisseur of the game’s theory, rules, proceeding and different variations. Read as much as you can about blackjack in general, about the classic version of the game, and then perhaps you can proceed towards specialising in a specific type of blackjack that you are most interested in. Study the books, browse the internet and take notes on the important stuff. If you really want to immerse yourself into the world of blackjack you will most likely find the learning process exciting anyway. 

Master the basic strategy

After acquiring the needed knowledge about the rules of blackjack and different portions of the gameplay, you can start laying the foundation for your future successful session by getting the basic blackjack strategy right. Before you can start your attack on the subtleties of this card game, you ought to learn the basic strategies, and they are widely available through online guides and numerous books on blackjack. Do some research and obtain the basic blackjack strategy charts; there’s even software that you can download that helps players to learn the basic strategy in a more modern way. Once at the blackjack table game, the charts should provide you with a base for making your decisions. It’s not recommendable to deviate from what the charts instruct you to do, because it was proven that they provide the best course of action in a given situation.

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Practice on free blackjack sites

Enough with the theory – let’s get down to practice! However, you should be cautious at the begging and instead of wagering real money at an online you can visit free blackjack sites and practice for as long as you like. There are plenty of options for practicing, from free play casino sites to trial versions of blackjack games. You can also play on mobile and have fun as you go, trying to memorise situations where your decisions have cost you – luckily, just make-believe money. Practice basic strategy until you feel like you’ve completely mastered it. Some claim that practicing with dedication and discipline may be the fastest way to adopt the charts and carve them into your brain map for later use and, above all, quick reference.

Pick the right variant and the right table

Not every blackjack table is the same, and that’s why there are various bet limits and multiple variations of the game itself. Don’t randomly select a blackjack table without looking at the table limit and without having in mind which blackjack variation you’re about to play. Strangely, a lot of gamblers do that. They get so carried away that they just want to start playing without estimating the situation and making the right choice for their individual bankrolls and gambling habits. Selecting a blackjack game with a minimum bet that is over your head is an immediate setback. Show your smarts from the very first moment you approach loading the game; pick wisely and in accordance with what your capacities are, both financially and skill-wise.  

Take care of your budget

People really go overboard with this one. There are so many players out there who are lousy with money management, but they are passionate about casino gambling and the combination of the two usually comes back to bite them. Try to maintain a healthy budget within your possibilities and don’t overspend. Start with smaller amounts and increase the size of the bet gradually and according to your performance in the game. Also, don’t romanticise the gameplay and think that you can win a fortune after starting with meagre amounts. Build a bankroll with reasonable profits over time and that way you will be able to play the game correctly, keeping the budget well balanced as you’re aiming for the bigger payouts.

Set win/loss limits

An astute player usually has a number in mind when it comes to wins and losses at the blackjack table before it is time to take a break or walk away from the table. Stick to your daily or weekly limits, as that is the only way you can gamble responsibly. Some rules may be made to be broken, but these rules will be made for you by you, and therefore they will be working in your advantage. It could be hard to step back in the middle of a winning streak, but you will be proud of yourself for doing it. Otherwise, you could risk blowing your entire balance when good fortune runs out. You should never put yourself in a situation where you have no more money to play with and have to stop betting because of that.

Keep your cool

Okay, this is not a bit of exclusively blackjack-focused advice, but it makes all the difference between a good blackjack player and one that has occasional success but overall delivers mediocre performance. When losses happen, and they will at some point, a good player remains calm. By applying a bit of self-discipline you will eliminate the risk of making emotion-driven decisions. As we all know, when people are upset and something is not going exactly as they planned, poor decisions are made if they can’t manage to stay cool. Recompose yourself, set new priorities, have a drink of water or a hot cup of coffee and stay classy.

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