How to Become a Good Roulette Player

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Created: 26 January 2019
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Roulette has been around for centuries. Is there any way a modern man can become a better roulette player than his ancestor? Well, the gambling world has been notably changed by the digital revolution. People can now play roulette in their living room or on the move and still experience the thrill and the anticipation of the last few moments before the roulette wheel comes to a stop. Roulette is a hugely popular casino game all over the world and if you wish to try your luck with the spinning wheel, here´s what you need to pay attention to.

Understand the Rules and All the Different Bets

The rules of roulette are by no means complicated, but for some players it may be challenging to keep track of all the possible bets, table limits, optional bets, game variations and little details. For that reason, every player with a plan to master the game roulette needs to get to know the rules and integrate them into their permanent knowledge. Study the bets and their characteristics so that you will know which part of the table belongs to your wagers. One game of roulette can differ from another in terms of wheel or bets. There are two types of roulette wheels – the American and the European, also known as the French.  You can also play mini roulette, or multi-wheel roulette. You must remember that the American wheel has 38 numbers, as opposed to the European which carries 37 numbers (it has only one zero, while the American has double zero slots). Those are just the basics. There’s plenty more to find out, if you care to know about how every specific variant of roulette works. Of course, you can focus only on one specific type of the game and dedicate your full attention to it for best results. 

Practice, Practice and Then Practice Some More

Theory is the basis, and practice is where one’s skill unravels. One without the other is hardly of any use, so after studying roulette theory you ought to apply it. To avoid risking your personal funds, as you are not quite yet running on your full capacity, you should make use of free play offered by online roulette sites and casinos. By playing roulette games in demo mode or “play for fun” regimes, you will have access to genuine roulette, but without risking a cent. While in demo mode, the game will eat up and pay fictional credits, but the game engine will run just as if it were operating in real money mode. Keep practicing until you get your weaknesses straightened up. The rest is up to luck.

Explore the Roulette Betting Systems

Many players attempt to win in roulette through betting systems. While some firmly believe that beating the roulette house edge with a popular betting strategy is possible, even guaranteed, the reality begs to differ. Available betting systems, such as Martingale, D’Alembert or Paroli, may be beneficial for some players, but that doesn’t mean they will work every time. If you want to have some fun and add extra excitement while playing roulette you can test them out and see if any of them makes you feel comfortable with your wagers. Martingale is the easiest one to learn and could be an interesting new way for you to approach a game of roulette.

Choose a Legit Casino

Picking the right casino website affects your game, for sure. It is important for every roulette players and every other gambler out there to be selective towards the casinos they’re joining. With so many rogue sites on the web, you are likely to land a bad egg while randomly selecting a new casino that looks appealing. Stick to reputable online casinos, ones that have been licensed, tested and well-supplied with the best roulette games on the market. You can find useful guidance online, specialised websites with objective rankings and direct links to prestigious online casinos.  

Always Play One-Zero Roulette, If Possible

American roulette is fun, but with the European wheel the chances of winning are higher at all times. The European roulette only uses the numbers 1 to 36 and a single zero slot, so the house edge is maintained at a lower percentage. Anyone who’s ever played roulette knows that a one-zero wheel is more generous to the gambler, unless the minimum bet is unreasonably high at that particular roulette table.

Place Outside Bets

Inside bets are centred on individual numbers, whereas the outside bets take up whole sections of the wheel. For that reason, the chances of winning are smaller in the first case and much larger in the second. Outside bets are 1-18 and 19-36 sections, as well as Red/Black or Odd/Even bets. In the long run, you will have a steady flow of smaller winnings instead of sporadically strokes of luck, if any. It is considered a wiser approach by many roulette experts.

Stay Within Your Bankroll

This is the golden rule. Any gambling activity demands good bankroll management skills. If you have a predetermined bankroll, do not step away from it. Place pets within your budget and keep it cool. The moment you start betting irrationally, you will compromise all your previous winnings and whatever’s left of your initial funds. With enough experience you will know when to slow down and when to increase the stakes. These decisions will be so much easier to make with your budget all planned out.  Yes, gambling is volatile, but if you place smart bets your bankroll will last longer. 

Take Regular Breaks

Don’t stress your mind any more than what’s necessary. Feel free to take breaks whenever you feel tired and come back when you’re ready. Driven by adrenaline and emotions, gamblers usually do more damage than they obtain benefits. When you’re having fun, you can play for hours and they can appear like minutes. However, in the subconscious your brain is struggling to focus and maintain the same level of sharpness. In online roulette, you will never lose a seat at the table and you can always come back. During break time, you can reevaluate your priorities and pick up where you left off, more level-headed and in control of your actions.

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