What to Do With Bad Luck in an Online Casino

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Created: 15 January 2019
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Loosing at an internet casino is never a pleasant experience. It is something that gamblers from different parts of the world, of all ages, all levels of experience and all kinds of backgrounds and interests have gone through at some point. Whether you lose once or a hundred times, it always makes you feel bad. But some of you may have noticed the tendency to lose more often than others. So, why is that? Could it be just the whining of a sore loser or the presence of bad luck?

Casino games are rarely purely skill games. They mix elements of skill, tactics and good ol’ chance. This means that every game contains a portion that cannot be penetrated or mastered. The others you can influence with experience, strategy, good money management and smart play, but you can still emerge as a victim of chance. Gambling has been around for a long time, and ever since it became a popular pastime people have surrounded with different beliefs and rituals. To attract luck, gamblers tend to use lucky charms, conduct special little superstitious rituals, practice Feng Shui or pray to the gods of good fortune. Whenever these actions fail, bad luck steps onto the scene. So, is there something to do to drive away a bad luck spell?

Don’t Overdramatize

When a losing streak strikes it can set off a lot of negative thoughts. At that moment, in the middle of a losing session, a player may think that the whole universe has turned against him/her. Some gamblers even go as far as blaming themselves for being failures. You may think that everything is doomed, but the truth is far from it. No matter how long, the losing streak will eventually end, and certainly there will be moments of good luck and joy ahead. After all, life is full of unpleasant events that people need to endure, such as death or taxes. It may seem like the whole world is crumbling down, but your life goes on and if you keep up your spirits you may experience better gambling opportunities in the future.

Feel Free to Take a Break 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the number of losses you’ve just had to take, don’t hesitate to go on a small break. Perhaps an even longer one if you’re up for a change of activity. Some professional gamblers think that the fifteen minutes after a misfortune, a wrong estimate or a poorly executed bet is the most dangerous time for a punter. Your reflexes will start bombarding your brain with thoughts of regaining the lost money ASAP and before you know it all the rational thinking goes flying out the window. This is a human reaction, and it can happen to the most disciplined of players. As you’re getting heated up, try to take a breath and regain your composure. Leave analysis of your wins and losses for a period when no actual betting is taking place. That way you can reevaluate the damage from a safe distance and reestablish your priorities.

Try Changing Your Strategy

A change of pace or tactics may improve your score, so don’t stick to a losing strategy just because it has worked for someone before. It’s not working for you now, so don’t push it. You may be able to cut down on your losses and achieve a win here and there, just enough to break the streak. Not to mention that you’ll feel better and in control again.

Start Betting More Modestly

When bad luck is out to get you and the losses are starting to form an unpleasant succession, it is the right time to pay attention to a good piece of advice - limit your maximum losses by reducing the stakes. You can’t lose as much when you’re placing small, affordable bets. By applying this piece of advice you stand to regain your confidence a lot quicker than if you were to continue with large bets. What is done is done, and betting more money won’t necessarily chase down past losses. It may have an opposite effect and attract more losses. That being said, bet safely for a while. When bad luck strikes, bet small. Place bigger bets when things are going well.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

As we’ve mentioned before, bad luck just happens and suffering a losing streak is a regular part of being a gambler. Before you start cursing your fate and considering yourself a doomed loser, you need to take a step back and reevaluate your actions. Are you doing everything right? Do you understand the rules of the game completely? Is your current staking plan adequate? Are your selections something most prolific players would do? If you’re not doing anything wrong, you can stand tall and remain resolute. Try to work through the bad luck spell and make way for more fortunate gambling rounds. The key is not to let a losing streak throw you off the course.

No Shame in Admitting that Bad Luck Happens

At first, you may feel like a stroke of bad luck is the biggest defeat. After a while, they will merely become irritating. As long as you keep your cool you will always emerge a winner from any gambling situation, no matter how desperate it may seem. Bad luck periods will come and go; you just need to differentiate the chance from flaws in your staking plan that are undermining your bankroll and sabotaging your bets. Call it a day if necessary, go through your betting history and prepare more thoroughly for the next betting challenge. In a way, one of the charms of gambling is giving the players a chance to deal with loss, motivate them to better manage their funds and accept the good with the bad. If it weren’t for the downfall, the rise wouldn’t feel as triumphant.  

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