How does a referral bonus program work at online casinos?

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Created: 13 November 2018
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We are all familiar with the traditional Welcome Bonuses that the casino grants on first deposits or after the registration process is completed. The rules are fairly simple – open the account, fund your casino cashier, and claim your welcome present. In a matter of seconds, the casino will match your deposits and probably add some Free Spins for good measure. This, however, is not the only incentive that the operators have in store for their members. Online casinos, just like any other businesses build their reputation and reach their new clients by word of mouth, which is still one of the best ways (even in the modern world) to make your presence known. 

If you come across a great online casino, you will probably share your discovery with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, assuming that they are as passionate about gambling as you are. On the other hand, if the operators show their appreciation and motivate you to put them on the map, you are likely to make sure that everybody knows just how fabulous a certain gaming site is. At the same time, you will probably not limit yourself to just your closest circle; you can refer your favourite online gambling spot to your social media buddies, mention it on some of the forums you are visiting, include the link in a personal email – the options are limitless and the operators will make sure that your efforts are rewarded. A number of casinos nowadays add a casino referral bonus to their standard ongoing and welcome promotional programs, awarding additional gifts to all those who manage to draw additional traffic to the casino.

What do I need to know before joining the referral program?

Just like any other promotion, referral bonuses come with certain terms that have to be honoured for a bonus to be approved and applied. The common requirements for joining the program are related to age and account status. Some of the most important conditions that must be fulfilled are listed below:

• All participants (referrer and the referred) must be over 18

• Referred must have an active casino account with at least one deposit submitted

• The referrer and the referred must not share the same IP address and/or household

If any of the above guidelines are disregarded, the casino will take the appropriate measures and deny the bonus or even close the user's account. The bottom line is that an attempt trying to swindle the casino and violate the terms of the refer-a-friend bonus can be easily spotted and prevented by the site's safety system, possibly resulting in account deactivation. Honouring the agreement terms is a much wiser option since it can be beneficial for both sides and result in a pretty decent bonus cash bundled up with Free Spins.

What does the referral program entail and how do I claim it? 

Once you decide to promote the casino, you will start by sending or sharing the refer-a-friend link. This is actually how the casino will be able to track the activity and monitor all the traffic that's coming from the specific source. The bonus will be applied only if the person who received the referral actually clicks on the relevant link and completes the registrations process. 

To generate the link, one must follow the instructions from the casino page. In most cases, you will be prompted to submit your friend's email address or create the link yourself in the specified affiliate area. When created, the link can be shared via email or social media pages of your choice and you will reap the benefits for every new, converted casino member.

So, I can pretty much sit back and relax, while the casino throws money at me, right? 

In a way, yes. Once you create the link and sent in on its way, your job is pretty much done. It is up to the referred party to create the account or ignore you and your link altogether... Even if they click on the link and create their casino account, you will still need to wait until they actually place their first deposit. Only then will the casino honour their part of the agreement and load the promised funds onto your account.

Obviously, if you are able to interest and motivate someone to do that, you are free to use everything that's in your power to “sell” the casino and its services. This should not be to difficult if you are also one of the satisfied members and if you truly believe that the site has a lot to offer. 

In most cases, the number of times the referral link can be used is unlimited, although there are online casinos that will apply restrictions. This usually happens if the referral bonus is massive or more generous than an average casino incentive. The amount that you can get for every new member can start at €25 (maybe even less) and go up to €200 or up. Chances are that lower incentives will come with the unlimited link sharing potential. Some casinos will use your friends' deposits as the basis for your bonus and award you with 100% or 200% of their first deposit. 

There is one more thing to be mindful of before joining the referral program and claiming the bonus – that's right, we are talking about wagering requirements. Not all operators will attach the playthrough conditions to the referral bonus, but this is something that still needs to be checked under the Terms & Conditions. Also, if the bonus includes the Free Spins, make sure to double check if there is an expiration date. Do not be alarmed if there is any aspect of the referral promotion that you don't understand. All of the relevant information can be obtained from the casino customer service and they will either provide you with the clear instructions on how to start with your referrals or direct you to the relevant section of the Terms and Conditions page.


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