10 important tips for playing online craps

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Created: 24 August 2018
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Simple and challenging, craps is one of the most entertaining games in any online casino. Assuming that craps is a confusing game shouldn’t be a reason to give up on it - it’s all a huge misconception. Anyone can play craps good enough to make a profit and have lots of fun, it’s only a matter of reasonable commitment. You don’t need to visit the loud casino floor to sit at the craps table; just load the game online, apply these tips for playing online craps and reap the positive results.

1. Learn the Rules of the Game

Before you dive into the attractive world of craps betting, it is necessary to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game. One may think that’s something that is understood, but many players commit mistakes out of being too proud to read a few guides and explanations. Depending on the software provider, craps games can have different rules. Of course, the basics are always the same, but if you wish to better than most players at a particular game of craps you need to master the little things, the small additions and alterations, and never doubt your next move due to an unknowledgeable insecurity.

2. Pick the Right Bets

In craps, it’s all about picking the right bets. Once you’ve studied the rules and feel like you’re ready for practice, make use of the possibility to play online for free. Test your intuition on craps in demo mode, and gain some experience before placing real money wagers. After a certain number of played rounds you will acquire an ability to trust your judgment. You can’t change the game’s probability, but you can opt for bets which carry lower house edge, and forget about alternative scenarios.

3. Come-Out Roll Should Be Followed by a Pass Line Bet

The come-out roll is when you place your first bet, and the pass line bet gives you the best possible position at that moment. The house advantage is at 1.41%. By making a pass line bet you will receive a payout if the shooter rolls 7, 11 or anything other than 2, 3 or 12.

4. Always Go For the Odds Bet

Once the shooter establishes a point, the player earns a privilege to make a free odds bet. Take it, always. This bet carries 0 house edge. Sometimes, the odds bet may be worth twice the original pass line bet. 

5. Two Come Bets After the Pass Line Bet

We’ve established the main tip - the pass line bet should cover the come-out roll. According to some craps experts, following the initial pass line bet with two come bets is an excellent strategy. Since this will enable three numbers working to your advantage, this combination is practically an ideal one.

6. Avoid Proposition Bets and Avoid Hard 4, Hard 10, Big 6 and Big 8

Bets with significantly large house edge values should be avoided at all times. This includes all proposition bets. They are attractive since they are settled following just a single dice roll. Don’t be one of the players that get caught by that hook. Hard 4 and Hard 10 have the house edge at about 11%, which also makes them poor bets. With a payout of just 1 to 1 and a house advantage of 9%, the Big 6 and Big 8 also strike out. Don’t confuse them with 6 and 8, which are solid bets with a house edge of 1.52%.

7. Know When to Play the Field Bet

The one-roll bet is a temptation, all right, and if you can’t resist it no matter how hard you try, then go for the field bet. It offers a house edge of 5.56%, which is far from ideal but lower than all proposition bets, the ones you should stay clear of (Any Craps, Any Eleven, Craps Eleven, Any 7, Any 2, Any 12, and Any 3).

8. Be Disciplined

Setting up a plan and sticking to it may be the best, smartest thing you can do while playing craps online. In fact, that’s something you should do beforehand. Devise a plan and do not make detours - keep your discipline. Craps is a fast-paced, considerably more fast-paced than some other casino games. That’s why being in control is super important, although this advice applies to any form of gambling, online or offline. If you notice you’re going off the tracks, take a break. The craps game won’t be going anywhere - it will wait for you to come back refreshed and ready for new wins.

9. Keep a Separate Budget for Craps

henever you approach a new game of craps, you should have a predetermined budget for it. And we don’t mean like an entire account that you can drain - rater a separate amount that has strictly outlined limits. Make your budget management and exact science and don’t let your sessions go out of hand or you’ll end up spending more than you can afford. Make sure you don’t spend a single penny more than you’ve planned. If that means to stop playing, then stop, and come back later when you have more funds to spare.

10. Decide How Many Wins is Enough to Stop Playing

As equally important as setting your budget is setting a limit for wins. Why wins, you may wonder? Well, as you start winning you get cockier and you think to yourself - I will bet more and win even more. That’s not a good mindset for a profitable craps session, especially in the long run. You can end up losing it all. To avoid this unnecessary risk, you should establish a point at which you will be happy to collect your winnings. It is also logical to set a limit for your losses, and step away once you’ve reached the mark. Chasing losses has never been a good idea, and craps is even more tempting due to its fast dynamics. Concentrate, stay focused and you will surely increase your bankroll thanks to a combination of money management skills and online craps tips. 

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