10 Important Tips For Playing Online Baccarat

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Created: 08 August 2018
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You may not be a top secret agent like James Bond, but you can learn to play online baccarat better than him! Baccarat is a simple card game with plenty of charms and huge payouts. Everyone can enjoy it online, and if you decide to play for real money then you best arm yourself with top tips about playing this game at online casinos. Here are 10 essential tips for playing baccarat on the web that will highly improve your game and winning potential.

1. Learn the Odds

Casino gambling involves knowing the odds of the game you are playing, some even think keeping up with the odds is the primary thing about being an active gambler. Staying familiar with the odds increases the winning opportunity, in the long run. When it comes to a game of baccarat the odds are usually in this range: the Banker bet has a house edge of 15 and the winning odds standing at 45%. The Player bet comes with the odds of 44% and a house edge of 1.24%, while the Tie bet carries a 14% house edge and only a 9% chance of winning. As you can see, baccarat is not an even odds game. The values of mentioned percentages may vary a little from one provider to the next 

Also, be aware that most online casinos charge 5% casino tax on baccarat bets (commission on Banker bets). Baccarat can have only one of possible three outcomes, so it’s critical that you know what to expect from each of them beforehand.

2. Avoid the Tie Bet

Excluding the Tie bet may be the first advice you’ll get from an experienced baccarat player. With the odds of 8:1, the Tie bet is an attractive deal. In simple words, you can win the most from betting on the Tie. What disturbs this excellent plan is the fact that Tie is the least likely of all the three possible outcomes. Betting on the Tie could reap you a huge payout, but it is usually what suckers bet on, and not professionals. It is better to stay away from this wager and protect your bankroll, according to avid baccarat players.

3. Bet on the Banker

What most baccarat experts recommend is placing bets on the Banker. Numerous analyses have resulted in the conclusion that the Banker is, indeed, the best bet in baccarat. Although the Banker bet and the Player bet are close with their odds, statistics and stakes, the Banker still stands in a more favourable position. But, what about the 5% commission? Nothing to be bothered with! Even with the deduction, the Banker still emerges as the best choice in most situations. The Banker is a low-risk wager, and suits players who prefer a stable session instead of an adrenaline-packed one.

4. When Your Bets Progressively Increase, Bet on the Player

A lot of baccarat enthusiasts study betting strategies and settle for Martingale, which is a progressive bet strategy. When employing such a betting system, it is better to opt for the Player bet. The Martingale proposes to double your bet after losing and after some time of doing that, you risk losing plenty of cash. On a progressive model like this, your best chances of pocketing some money lie with the Player bet. 

5. Play Short Sessions

Playing it short works in your favour. There are various reasons for this. For one, the house edge becomes prevalent the more you prolong the play. In the long run, there is nothing you can do to keep the money the casino is bound to win. However, you can shorten your sessions and play wisely. Determine the number of sessions you want to play, for example, 50 or 100. Take notes of accomplishments and learn to deal with winning and losing. You will be less likely to chase losses if you accept this advice and you will be more prepared for the sessions to come..

6. Look Out for Baccarat Versions with Six Decks

Online baccarat is played with 8 decks of cards as a standard. It is less likely to find a baccarat table with 6 decks, but if you’re lucky enough to take a seat at one, make the best of it. Since it is a smaller shoe game, the commission on the bets will be smaller; the range goes from 2.75% up to 4%, which is less than the conventional 5%. Another beneficial circumstance when playing 6-deck baccarat is the lower overall house advantage. It would be a pity to pass on the combination of these favourable aspects.

7. Slow Down to Prolong your Bankroll

Baccarat gameplay is fast-paced, especially on the internet. After a while, the whole ordeal becomes hypnotic and the player tends to press the Rebet button automatically, without giving it any thought. Try not to act impulsively at the end of each hand and just continue with the current settings. Acting irrationally is what costs you the most and you will see your bankroll erode soon enough. You are in control of your bets, despite not controlling what happens on the screen. It is important that you dictate the pace of the game.

8. Stick With a Predetermined Betting Strategy

Those who chose a specific betting strategy should try not to bend the rules of it. The system is designed in a particular way for a reason, and if you think you can improve it - you are sorely mistaken. The amount of your experience does not matter here, especially if you get frustrated when you suffer losses. Betting strategies predict a certain amount of losses, and you need to accept them along with other rules that come with them. Strategies are composed on the basis of massive numbers of baccarat hands and there is no room for emotions when you’re getting technical.

9. Bankroll Management is Half the Work

The key to becoming a good bettor and not just a good baccarat player is to manage your bankroll like a pro. Every seasoned gamer knows that wagering involves both wins and losses. Suffering losing sessions is the part of the gambler’s carrier’ winning streaks are also guaranteed. This transfers to your bankroll, as well. It requires from you to have enough money in your bankroll to get you through the bad times. Make this your top priority. Set the amount long before you start the game and stick to your funds, as they are introduced into play. Don’t add more than you can afford to spend and never let your ambitions get the best of you. The best way to outplay the casino is to make wise decisions related to the money you invest in it.

10. The Good Ol’ Rule - Quit While You’re Winning

It may be a phrase heard million times before, but there’s definite truth in it. Quit while you’re ahead and you will always be a satisfied baccarat player. Before you initiate your online baccarat round, think about how much you’re playing to win today. Try to imagine a reasonable sum of profit, an amount that you’ll be comfortable leaving the table with. Compare it to your bankroll and evaluate its realistic quality. Reach the sum you’ve had in mind and stop the game. You can always come back another day and experience another victory; you don’t need to rush anything. 

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