10 Important Tips for Playing Online Roulette

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Created: 10 March 2018
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You may have already placed a bet or two on the outcome of a wheel spin, or are just about to do so for the very first time. Either way, there are a few simple yet important things to be aware of in order to make the most of the game as well as your budget. In this article you can read out top 10 tips for playing online roulette.

1. Choose the Right Game Variant

Online casinos offer a number of different Roulette variants to pick from, the standard ones being European, French and American. Not being familiar with the differences could both ruin the game and cost you money. Everybody and their uncle will tell you to stay clear of American Roulette, and you may want to listen. Why? European Roulette (and its French variant) feature a wheel with a single zero, vs American which has an additional double-zero slot. The impact of this small difference on the house edge is huge:  2.70% for the first, and 5.26% for the second. Always choose European. Always.

2. Check the Rules

Having chosen to play European Roulette doesn't mean your prep work is done. Even if we're talking the same basic variant, many of the elements could vary from one game to another and one gambling site to the next. Make sure to check if the respective betting limits fit your budget, go through the paytable to know what kind of payouts to expect for different kinds of bets, and see if the game features any optional side bets you may want to exploit.

3. Know Your Odds

Seeing 35:1 payout on Straight bets could easily make your mouth water, but be aware of how (un)likely it is to hit it. Did you know your chances of guessing the winning number is as low as 2.7%? If you're willing to accept such odds, give it a try, but don't make a habit of placing every single bet on an individual number. Outside bets such as Red/Black and Odd/Even might be paying only 1:1, but the chances of actually getting paid are as high as 46.4%. Make smart decisions and your bankroll will last much, much longer.

4. Practice Before Placing Real Money Bets

The best way to grasp all of the above is to practice risk-free. You can do that for as long as you like thanks to fun mode available at most online casinos. Without having to invest a single cent of your own money, free-play version will allow you to "feel" the game and learn everything a good player needs to know. This is an incredible opportunity one can't take advantage of in a brick-and-mortar casino - take it

5. Manage Your Bankroll

Roulette is a fast game, and no matter what kind of betting decisions are made, your chips could end up disappearing in no time. Several decisions and a bit of discipline is all that is needed to prevent this from happening. Start by setting your play session budget and commit to it; should you happen to lose it all, abandon the game. Smart bankroll management also involves choosing a game with adequate minimum betting limits and maintaining a healthy balance of bets with high / low odds.

6. Be Realistic About "Infallible" Betting System

There's a number of Roulette betting systems many swear by. You might have heard of Martingale which instructs players to double their stakes each time they lose and revert to their initial bet once they win. Theoretically, this strategy should allow one to recover all their previous losses and additionally make a profit equal to the original stake. Or the Fibonacci strategy, prompting you to go one step forward when losing and two steps backwards when winning, thus recovering losses via several winning spins. One thing to be aware of is that each of these systems come with serious limitations and could easily cost you an arm and a leg. Test them, if you like, but use small bets and be ready to stop before going too far.

7. Don't Believe Common Roulette Myths

Betting systems are not the only thing to be weary of. You'll find various Roulette myths telling you what could or should be done, without any sound logic to back it up. A good example is the advice to bet on so-called sleeping numbers which haven't won for a long time. Roulette is a game of chance and online Roulette governed by a Random Number Generator. What is means is that each spin delivers a random outcome which is completely unrelated to any of the previous ones. A sleeping number could win next or fail to show up within the next 100 rounds - chances are exactly the same.

8. Use Bonuses, but Smartly

Online casinos will be happy to hand over some free cash, both when you first join and later on. A chance to play on the house and potentially win real cash - why not take it? By all means, do. But make sure to explore attached strings before committing and read good what bonuses you can receive at an online casino. First of all, can you use this money to play Roulette? If so, what kind of wagering requirements one needs to meet before the winnings become withdrawable?.

9. Learn When to Walk Away

This is a good advice no matter which casino game one plays. You could be on a winning streak and, feeling invincible, decide to place all your cash on a single number. You're hot and can't lose - right? Or it could be you've been consistently losing but keep persevering because "a win is due". In both cases, you'd be wrong. Remember, we're talking a game of chance and no one alive knows where the ball will end up next. Set your own limits before placing even a single cent on the table. It could be the overall amount you're willing to lose, a win you'd be happy with, and / or time period you plan to spend on a particular game.

10. Choose a Reliable Online Casino

Last but certainly not least: choose a reliable gaming site to play at. What good is winning if you'll never get to cash in? Read reviews provided by trustworthy sources and check the casino's operating license. These should give you a good enough indicator of how fair the gaming is and how likely to get paid promptly and in full.

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