What will happen in the casino world in 2018

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Created: 16 February 2018
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Ever since the casino made a transition to the online platform, there have always been certain trend waves bringing more and more innovations into the market. With each new year the entire community is expecting to see something life-changing, more improvements and a more convenient gaming environment. The fast paced development of technology enables it. After the introduction of mobile gaming, 2018 may bring development in the fields of virtual reality, change in casino site orientation, change in the modes of payment and a richer landscape of game features.

Introduction of virtual reality technology in online gambling

Something we're all eagerly waiting for is the introduction of the VR technology to the online gaming platform. Many have expressed their opinion on the matter and agreed - it is bound to happen at some point. It may not happen in the first quarter, or even the first half of the year 2018, but virtual reality technology is on the rise right now and our expectations are certainly founded in realistic potential outcomes. 

VR is all about placing the user in a virtual world that may be completely fantastic and artificially designed or it may be conceived in such a way that it resembles real life. In order to experience virtual reality content a person needs to wear specially developed glasses which are powered by particular software. The equipment is still in its infancy, and there have been reports of glitches and crashing, but the developers are working on solving any emerging problems. In fact, they've managed to overcome lots of them already and specific casino brands are circling around the possibility of adopting VR casino content for their portfolios. 

There are no doubts about it, VR tech is a massive step into the future. Up until now casino users have had the pleasure to enjoy 3D casino and live dealer casino as part of a more realistic concept of virtual gambling. With VR, they will be able to completely immerse themselves into the casino environment, as if they were present in an actual casino. So far, they've been observers. In the future, they will become active participants, without having to leave their home to walk the casino hallways. Expensive development is what's holding back the boom of VR casinos, but as soon as these issues are resolved, we can expect to see VR casino software dominating the market.

Putting focus on female-oriented casinos

For a long time gambling has been considered entertainment for the gentlemen. Obviously, times have changed and a shift in gender roles happened. Women have stepped forward, looking to be seen as men's equals in all of life aspects, including casino entertainment. Recent studies show stunning figures - well over 45% of gamers online belong to the fairer gender. Ladies seem to very much enjoy the privacy of online gambling, which is an excellent opportunity for casino operators and gaming software developers to dedicate themselves to new projects, ones that will have the female player in mind. 

We can expect new casino launches designed to appeal to the female part of the gaming community with names including words like 'queen', 'lily', 'princess', 'flower' and the like. They will potentially promote brighter and more feminine colour schemes and feature games that are more focused on female activities, but they won't necessarily exclude the male casino visitors. Equality is the key, and surely male population will be able to join and play fun casino games at these venues.

Increase in cashless methods of payment

From the very beginning it was clear that casino lovers won't be able to use cash to play in a virtual gambling venue as they would at land-based casino establishments. Any money you have that you're planning to spend on online gambling needs to go through virtual filters and appear as active balance on your internet bank or wallet accounts. Cashless modes of money transaction are the main thing at casinos all across the web, as they are convenient, fast, secure and easy to use. As soon as you transfer your money from a regular bank account to an e-wallet, for example, like Skrill, PayPal or Neteller, you've converted it into a virtual fund that you can use to fund a casino account and place real money wagers without dealing with paper banknotes. Such modes of payment are already extremely popular among internet gamblers, but we expect them to become even more present in major jurisdictions, as well as smaller markets. 

Considering the recent developments regarding cryptocurrencies, systems like Bitcoin and other forms of actual virtual money are bound to get accepted by a larger number of web casinos. By using cryptocurrency as means of online casino payment, online gamblers enjoy guaranteed safety and anonymity, and that is an extremely important detail with all the identity thefts and personal data misuse we've been learning about from the media in recent years.

Innovation in game features

Whether you're playing casino games on mobile devices or your desktop setup the experience is always better when the game has enhanced gameplay features and is able to provide you with a more engaging session than its predecessors with a more modest configuration.  Slot features such as exploding reels, expanding symbols and all kinds of bonus mini-games with advanced animation have improved the virtual casino experience immensely. Don't think that software developers will stop here; they are constantly striving towards new software solutions that will combine popular characters, storytelling, sound effects, animated sequences and structuring in order to produce never-before-seen games. 

It's hard to predict what kinds of innovations are lining up for the year 2018, but we are certain they will involve all the creativity, vision and skill casino software developers have to offer at this point. They will surely not abandon the dominating character of mobile gambling, and will likely try to expand the range of possibilities for the players on the go. Whatever changes in programming languages or performance requirements happen in the following months, casino content delivered by hardworking companies will surely successfully match them. 

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