How to become an online casino VIP member?

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Created: 09 November 2017
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When it comes to VIP casino membership, most people will usually dismiss the idea, thinking that the privileged status is reserved only for the rare few. The reality of the matter can be quite different, especially with a large number of casinos to choose from. Although at first you may be intimidated by the glamour of the online VIP casino lobby and the conditions you need to meet in order to join, you will soon realise that every casino adjust their offer to their own users. To explain it in a more colloquial phrase, every pot finds a lid, and the trick of becoming a VIP member is simply a matter of choosing the right casino and the VIP level suited to your own capacities.

What does VIP membership entails?

The simple truth behind the VIP membership is that an online casino wants you in. To prevent you from going somewhere else, they are willing to make the entire experience worth while. No matter how small your game is, it is still valuable to the casino and your loyalty will be rewarded.

Therefore, the VIP membership can be regarded as an exclusive contract between the player and the casino, where each party commits to honoring a certain set of guidelines in exchange for additional perks. The players will keep their part of the agreement through consistent wagering and in return, the casino will award points in a casino loyalty program which can be turned into cash, free spins, reloads etc.

VIP loyalty program

What are the criteria?

Depending on your deposits and the consistency of your casino visits, there are different VIP levels that you can reach. The main criteria however is not necessarily the amount of money you spend wagering, which is why the casinos have designed a loyalty points system where every wager and casino visit is awarded with the equivalent number of points. The rules are simple enough – the more you play the more points you can collect and trade them for either cash or a new, more advanced membership level, each with its own set of benefits.

It is important to understand that only registered account holders can become VIP members (some casinos allow guest players and offer test play mode for their games, which does not count towards acquiring the VIP status), so make sure that you have an active account before pursuing exclusive membership

How to join VIP ranks?

If you need to get their faster and start benefiting from all the pampering, playing at the Live Dealer tables is the shortcut that you are looking for. Online Casino table games like Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker are the games with the highest limits and in most cases bring plenty of loyalty points. On the other hand, the betting range of these games is often wide enough to suit even the players who are on a budget, creating an excellent environment for profit oriented gamblers.

Stage number two of becoming VIP may seem like a digression but is actually a crucial part of achieving the privileged status. In order to get the most out of your casino membership, you will need to develop and employ the strategy which will in turn create a sort of a profit cycle. Putting it plainly, using a careful approach and implementing at least a basic strategy to your gameplay will help you increase your balance and direct your winnings towards further depositing and higher wagers. This will result in extra loyalty points as well as climbing up the membership levels.

The follow-up stage is consistency. As already mentioned, you do not need to spend a fortune for the casino to acknowledge your presence. Even “small-time” wagering is enough to put you in the spotlight – slots for example can have a low wagering limit of just $0.01 which makes them perfect for recreational players. For people who enjoy hustle and bustle of live tables, there are usually several options to choose from and one will often find a table with more economic start up bets. As you progress, you can always increase or decrease the stakes, but the most important thing is to stay on track and not break your routine.

Different levels of VIP membership

Most of the online casinos offer different types of membership, dividing VIP statuses into several groups. The most common division is Bronze, Silver and Golden membership, although many casinos will start the player up with the Bronze level immediately after the first deposit is submitted.

The VIP system can of course be much more complicated than this and certain well-established casinos upgrade their loyalty programs into an intricate network which consists out of 6 or more stages with corresponding prizes and treatment.

Some casinos have an invite only VIP accounts while others combine their offer, reserving the highest level for high rollers whereas lower levels can be obtained by all members who meet the casino criteria and play-through requirements.

The advantages of being a VIP member

Once you get a taste of how the other half lives, you will want to stay where you are or even go further and see what hides behind the invite only VIP membership - it will not take long before you discover that exclusive membership definitely pays off.

For starters, the casino will grant favours to their VIP members that are off the table to users with basic membership. Withdrawal limits are much higher and all of your transactions will be handled by a personal account manager who will be at your disposal 24/7.

Promotional program is much more rewarding and diverse for the casino royalty and you can count on higher cashback amounts, reloads, more free spins and bonus cash which can be used for wagering. Online and real live tournaments are just a small part of activities that an online casino organises for their most esteemed account holders, often hosting VIP parties, visits to popular land based casinos and other types of social get-together events that include friendly competitions and prize draws

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