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Created: 01 October 2017
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Get to know 22 facts about casinos, slots and other casino games. Do you know who the biggest gamblers in the world are or where you can find the most slot machines? Read this article for an answer on these and many more casino questions.?

85% of the casinos revenue comes from slot machines

Have you ever wondered why a casino is full of slot machines? It's because the Casino earns the most money from slot machine players.

The biggest gamblers are Men

Almost 84% of the gamblers are men but this has been changing in the last 2 or 3 years. By the way, at bingo sites 55% of the players are women

Women like games of luck and men like games of skill

According to several studies, women are playing mostly games where luck is the primary aspect of the game. These games are slots, lottery, bingo. Men prefer games of skill like poker, sports betting and table games. These are games where control and strategy is needed to get an advantage.

You can find the most slot machines in Japan

Not the US but Japan manages the most slot machine games. Almost 5 million slot machines are played in Japan.

You cannot count cards in online blackjack

Counting cards was in the past one of most profitable strategies to win at Blackjack, although it was illegal. Many professional casino players started with counting cards and won a lot of money.

If you think you can use this strategy at an online blackjack game, then you are wrong. At an internet casino, the Random Number Generator shuffles the deck of cards after each round. So every new hand starts with a new shuffled deck of cards and you can start counting from 0 again.

Online casinos cannot control the outcome of the game

Many players think that an online casino can control the game and that they sometimes push a button so a player wins. This is definitely not the case and all games at an online casino are managed by a 3rd party game provider. A very popular game provider is Netent who rents out the games to the casinos and their games are checked by independent companies like Price, Waterhouse & Coopers.

Online casinos want you to win as well

Of course, in the end a casino needs to earn money to pay their staff, cover their costs and have some profit. So players who win more than they deposit are not good for the casino.

But players who never win are also not good for an online casino. For a casino it's beneficial that a player wins sometimes so he has the feeling that he is lucky at that casino and will continue to play there. A player who deposits 1000 euro and looses this money after 10 minutes will most likely leave and never come back. It's better that this player first wins a good amount because he will have the feeling that this is the place to be for him.

Of course this is not in the hands of the casino but arranged by the RNG.

The higher the bonus the worse the requirements

You can see them at some online casinos. A 200% bonus up to 1000 euro. It sounds too good to be true and most of the times that's the case.

First of all, most of these bonuses are divided over your first 4-5 deposits. So with your first deposit you receive 200% up to 200 euro, with your 3th deposit 50% up to 100 euro, etc. So in total it's a welcome package of 1000 euro but you will not get this with your first deposit.

Secondly, you need to check the bonus terms first to see if the bonus is attractive in the end. Maybe you have to wager the bonus amount and deposit 40 times, which is very high. Or you don't receive the bonus if you make a deposit with Neteller or Skrill. These are all things you need to study before accepting a huge bonus.

There are more than 2000 online casinos

The first online casino was launched in 1997. In the past 20 years, we saw a big increase of new casinos which resulted in more than 2000 casinos on the internet. A new casino is launched almost every day but also a casino closes its doors every few days, for various reasons. Most of the time, it is because they can't pay some big winners.

The biggest gamblers in the world are Cypriots

Cyprus is a very small island with 900.000 inhabitants. But that doesn't mean they can't be the biggest gamblers. On average, each person spends around 3125 euro a year on online gambling in Cyprus.

Las Vegas is not the biggest gambling place in the world

The city that sees the largest numbers of bets each year is not Las Vegas but Macau. Every year, the city earns over $40 billion and on average a player in Macau spends in 1 day the same amount of money as a Las Vegas player spends in 1 week.

The biggest win at an online casino is 17.8 million euro

A 40 year old player from Helsinki won this huge amount on the jackpot game Mega Fortune from Netent. With a 25 cent bet his dream came true and he became the world’s biggest winner on an online slot game.

Roulette is also called 'The Devil's Game'

If you sum up all the numbers from a roulette wheel you will get the number 666, the number of the Devil. That's why this game is called 'The Devil's Game'.

The oldest game in an online casino is Keno

The game Keno was played over 2000 years ago in ancient China. The game was invented by Cheung Leung to raise money for the poor people. In that time, players had to choose from 80 Chinese characters while today you have 80 numbers on a card.

Casinos in Las Vegas don't have any clocks or windows

When you visit a casino in Las Vegas you’d better take a watch with you because the casino will not help you to learn the time. Casinos don't want you to know the time so you can continue playing without thinking you need to leave soon. Also casinos in Las Vegas don't have windows so you cannot see when it's getting dark and time to go to work or bed.

Free spins are not always free

You can get free spins based on a deposit or just as a bonus. The spins are indeed free but the question is what you can do with the winnings of free spins. At some casinos you can withdraw the money you win with free spins but at other casinos all the money you won goes to the bonus wallet and then it depends on the bonus terms how many times you need to wager this.

So the spins are always free but the winnings can be paid out differently.

Playing a jackpot slot gives you a lower payout percentage

A video slot has a payout percentage ranging between 96-98%. This means of every 100 euro you bet, you win 96-98 euro. Of course this doesn't mean that you really win that amount with every spin and this over a long period with millions spins.

With a jackpot slot the casino pays a contribution to the provider of the slot and this contribution will be used for paying out a jackpot prize. The contribution is a few percent and will be deducted from the payout percentage. So a jackpot slot has a lower pay-out percentage which is around 91%.

This means that you have less chances of winning but you have the chance to win the jackpot of a few million euro. But it's important to know this in case you think that you don't win often enough on a jackpot slot.

Keno has the highest casino edge

If you like Keno please keep in mind that the chances of winning are the lowest compared with other casino games. The payout percentage in Keno is 71-75%, which means that the casino wins 25-29%. If you look at a slot or blackjack game where the payout percentage is 99,78 you understand that you will not get rich easily by playing Keno.

Finally, the most important fact of playing at a casino is to keep an eye on what you spend and never try to win back any money you lost. Then you will have a great time and maybe you will win some on a lucky day


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