Why do progressive Jackpot slots have a lower RTP?

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Created: 15 July 2017
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On our website you can find an article about the Top 8 Jackpot Wins and players who wager on Jackpot Slots hope to become the next Casino millionaire. But many players are playing the jackpot slots without knowing one very important aspect. A jackpot slot has a lower RTP percentage and many players don’t realize this. But why do jackpot slots have a lower RTP percentage and why is this important to know?

What is the RTP of a slot?

Every slot has a RTP percentage. RTP stands for ‘Return to Player’, it is the percentage that a slot pays back to the player. A RTP percentage of 97% means that with every €100 wagering you will win €97. But this percentage is a range of spins between 250.000 and 8.000.000, so not every €100 gives you €97 back.

When a slot has a RTP of 97% then there is 3% left. This is the House Edge and means the profit of the casino.

RTP on Progressive Jackpot Slots

progressive jackpot slot has a much lower RTP of 90-91%. This is caused by the jackpot contribution which is paid to the game provider. Out of each wager on a progressive jackpot slot, around 8% will be added to the jackpot..

So, with a wager of €100 the RTP is €90, the jackpot contribution is €8 and the house edge is €2.

How does the Jackpot Contribution work?

Every player who plays on a progressive jackpot pays a jackpot contribution. This percentage (around 8%) is paid to the gaming provider by the Casino. The Casino pays a percentage of the gross revenue to rent the games and in addition they pay the jackpot contribution. 

All casinos who are connected to the progressive jackpot do the same so when you see a jackpot amount of €10.000.000 it means that the game provider (for example Netent) has this amount reserved for the winner of the jackpot. When a player from a Casino wins the jackpot then the game provider will pay the amount to the specific casino who will payout the player

Why is this important to know?

Because the jackpot slot has a lower RTP percentage you will win less money than on a regular slot. Sometimes players complain to casinos that they don’t win a lot on a jackpot slot which is logical considering you have about 8% less chance of winning. But when you do win the jackpot then you can count on a mega win and be the next Jackpot millionaire. Many players who play the jackpot slots know this but there is a group of players who don’t know that the jackpot slot they play is a jackpot slot or they don’t know how the jackpot contribution works.

Anything else I need to know?

Yes, one very important tip. People think that playing slots doesn’t need a lot of knowledge and it’s just clicking the start button. Well they are totally wrong.

You need to carefully read the rules for winning a jackpot. There are a set of rules you need to understand before you start spinning your money. Can you imagine how bad you would feel if you won the jackpot but didn’t qualify because you didn’t bet the correct amount?.

Each online casino has a selection of Jackpot games depending on the providers they work with. So choose your favorite casino and try one of the jackpot slots. Or just choose one of the many video slots with a higher RTP percentage which means more entertainment and longer play time.

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