Advantages of using e-wallets like Neteller

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Created: 05 March 2017
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Although security at online casinos is at a very high level, it's still a bit risky to use your credit card in some casinos. In addition to casinos, you probably use your credit card for other online purchases so your details are saved in many different places. That's why we advise you to use an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill for many reasons which you can read below.

What are e-wallets

An e-wallet is like a bank on the internet but it is not based in your country. So you cannot visit the bank to deposit cash money or speak with a person. In an e-wallet, you can deposit money with your credit card or via bank transfer and withdraw your funds to your bank account or take money from an ATM when you have a card from the e-wallet company.

You can then use the e-wallet to make payments online on different sites, including online casinos. When you win money in the casino you can request a withdrawal to the same e-wallet. Keep in mind that in most casinos you first need to make a deposit with the e-wallet before you can use it for requesting a withdrawal.

Advantages of the e-wallet

The big advantage of an e-wallet is the fact that you only need to register your credit card once and you only need to go through the verification process once. When you use your credit card at online casinos you will be asked to send documents to each casino including a copy of your credit card. You also have your credit card details stored in the database of each casino which is also not a nice thought.

With an e-wallet you do the verification process once and after that you can use the e-wallet at almost all casinos with only the registered email address or e-wallet id.

All the winnings you have from the online casinos can be paid to your e-wallet and you can use that money to play in another casino or transfer it to your bank account.

With most e-wallets you can apply for a card to withdraw money from an ATM. This is very useful if you don't want the money transferred to your bank account. Don't use the e-wallet card to hide money from taxes because taxes offices from your country can ask for transaction details from the e-wallets and all the money withdrawn from an ATM is tracked by the banking system in your country. We advise you to use the money from an e-wallet only online or in another country when you go on holiday for example.

Disadvantage of an e-wallet

In some casinos you don't qualify for the first deposit bonus when you make a deposit with your e-wallet. The casino is afraid of bonus hunters who use different systems and 99% use e-wallets because they don't want to get tracked. An example of an online casino is Insta Casino where you don't get your first deposit bonus when you make the deposit with Neteller.

Which e-wallet is the best?

For sure we recommend Neteller or Skrill when you want to use an e-wallet. They both are targeted for the online gaming market and use a safe login system. At Skrill you can set the Google authentication system for the login where you need to put a code in a box in the second step, this code being sent to your mobile phone.

We haven't seen any casino where you cannot use Neteller or Skrill so there is no difference in this as well. We have slightly better experience with Skrill which looks a bit more professional but again, both systems are of the same quality.

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