Problems with an online casino; what do I do?

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Created: 30 January 2017
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We hope that you’ll never need the information in this article, which would mean that you won’t experience any problems with an online casino. But unfortunately with so many casinos on the internet and not always offering good quality, it's possible that you’ll have a bad experience. Then this guide might help you avoid or solve any problem.

Avoid problems with an online casino

In our article 'The 10 Biggest Mistakes Made At Online Casinos' you can already read a lot about how to avoid problems at an online casino by not making these mistakes. But we want to mention a few more tips to remember when you start playing with real money at an online casino:

1. Do your research

You should always perform a thorough online research before you start playing at a new online casino. You can search the casino name in Google and see if there are some bad comments. Don't pay attention to comments like 'I always lose there' or 'the games are set to lose' because an online casino doesn't have control on this.

2. Screenshots

Whenever you see something strange or experience a problem take a screenshot. On our site you can read about how to make a screenshot so we suggest that you learn how to do this beforehand.
When you have a screenshot, you are 10 times more likely to get a solution from the casino because you have proof and you can use this on different casino forums and portals.

3. Read the bonus terms

Many players start playing and depositing money without reading the terms and conditions. We understand that you don't want to read the general terms and conditions but you really need to read the bonus terms before you accept a bonus. You don't want to come in a situation that you’ve won 10.000 euro but you’ve reached the maximum bet amount with bonus money. A casino has the right to cancel your win in this case.

What if I have a problem with an online casino?

1. First, contact the customer support team because in most situations they can solve the problem. Stay polite and give as much information as possible. The persons who need to help you are normal humans like you so if you start swearing and being rude they won’t be very motivated to help you.

2. In case the customer support comes back with excuses or doesn’t offer any solution, you have a few options:

- First, respond and tell them that you don't agree and show them proof with the screenshots.
- Contact the license provider of the casino and explain the situation.
- Threat the casino that you will post bad reviews on online casino portals. Most of the time, that scares them and can make a difference.

3. Ecogra

The Ecogra is an independent organisation counting many casinos as members that tries to protect players and to ensure fair gaming. When you have a problem with an online casino who is a member of the Ecogra (you can see a logo in the footer of the casino), you can contact the Ecogra and they might be able to help you the best. Of course your complaint needs to be serious and clearly described.

4. Send us an email

You can always send us an email through our mail form. We have a good contact with many casinos and we might be able to help you if you have a serious complaint. So don't hesitate to contact us.

We hope that the above information will guide you in a good direction to solve any problem you experience with an online casino. Always remember that it's very important to take screenshots and stay polite to the customer support team. That will make a huge difference in the success of solving your problem.

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