How to get a job at an online casino?

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Created: 31 October 2016
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We get many emails from our visitors asking how they can work at an online casino. Are there any specialized Job agencies or can you just send an email directly to the casino and ask for any vacancies? In this article we will tell you the best ways to find a job at an online casino and some tips when you start working at the casino. And most importantly how much you can earn.

What jobs you can find at an online casino?

Let's first inform you what kind of jobs you can find at an online casino. Depending of the size of the casino you can find more of the same job so in that case you have more chance to get hired.

Jobs in an online casino:

- Customer support agents: These persons answer player's questions by email, live chat or phone
- Affiliate Manager: Affiliates are advertisers who are promoting the casino on their site or other channels and receive a commission based on the performance
- Technical staff: A casino need many technical people like developers, webmasters, database engineers
- Graphic designer: This person creates all the images, promotion materials, banners and images for the casino looks
- Security staff: These persons are responsible for the security of the casino like payments, fraud, etc.
- Retention staff: The retention department is responsible for retaining the player or in other words take care that players deposit more money.
- VIP Managers: VIP players need extra attention so the VIP manager is the contact person for those players and can give higher bonuses and other incentives to the VIP players
- General Management: Of course all the above employees are managed by CEO, CTO, CFO, etc.

What channels you can use to find a job?

1. Job agencies

There are about 5 job-agencies specialized in jobs for gaming companies. They have a wide choice of jobs related to online gaming jobs and they know what online gaming companies require to be hired.

The biggest gaming job agency is Pentasia with 7 offices over the world and more than 3500 candidates placed. Other job offices are Bettingjobs and Casino Careers.

Video Casino Careers

2. Social Media

There are Facebook pages where gaming jobs are advertised and on linkedin there is a job vacancy section where you can search on online casino jobs. A big facebook group is iGaming jobs in Malta with more than 6000 members and iGaming Malta with more than 4000 members.

igaming in malta facebook page

In Linkedin you need to go to the job section and then to 'preferences'. There you can add the industry 'gaming and casino' to your list plus some other preferences. Then click on the Find Jobs button and you can search for a nice job.

3. Job directories

In online job directories you can also find jobs related to online gaming. This can be a local directory or worldwide directory like, depending on the location you are looking to find a job.

4. Job page on casino site

Some online casinos publish their jobs on the casino site or their company site. In this way you have direct an idea for what casino you are going to work and it's the fastest way to get in contact with the casino management.

Below are some casinos who publish their jobs on their site or on the company site:

Vera & John Casino
888 Casino
Casumo Casino
Guts Casino
BGO Casino
Betsson Casino
Cashmio Casino

Of course you can always send your CV with an email to a casino when they don't have a jobs page. Maybe you like the particular casino and you really want to work there. Take the gamble and send your CV with a good letter.

jobs at Vera & John Casino

Working from home

There are some jobs at an online casino which you can do remotely. For example, customer support, affiliate manager, developer, etc. About 10 years ago it was much more easy to find a job to work remotely than nowadays, so you need to be lucky to find this opportunity. Because there are much more qualified and experienced employees than 10 years back it's more easier to find good staff and they prefer to have the employees in their office to have some kind of control.

working remotely

Salary expectation

Of course you want to know how much you earn working at online casino. Like with all jobs this depends a lot of your experience, skills and country where you will work. If you have a lot of experience and good skills you can easily earn between 3000-6000 euro per month. If you don't have experience you will likely start with 2000-4000 euro. But again this differs a lot.

Affiliate Managers and some VIP/Retention managers work mostly on a combination of fixed salary and commission. This can be a percentage of the profit or a fixed fee per delivered player.

Final tips for working in an online casino

Working in an online casino is exciting and you can earn good money if you grow in the company. Most casinos are young companies where it's fun to work but on the other hand you need to deliver results to be able to grow. The competition under employees is big so there might be a pressure to bring the results they ask from you.

When you start working for an online casino we advice you to study the casino site, the company behind the casino and play many games to get the feeling of your new job.

As you can see in this article it's not difficult to find a job at an online casino. The most jobs are based in Malta or Sweden but you can also find jobs in other countries. We hope that this article gives you some help to find your new job and please let us know when you are hired!.

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