Who makes and manages the games in an online casino?

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Created: 27 September 2016
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Ever wonder who makes the games of an online casino and how they land on your computer or mobile screen? This article informs you about the complete process from the design of a new game until the launch in an online casino. Who produces new casino games and what influence the casino has on a game? Finally we answer the question whether a casino buys the game or pays a rent for it.

A new game is born

Before a new game is presented to the casino players, it needs to be designed and produced by the gaming provider. This is a long process which can take months and depends a lot on the target group, bonus features, theme of the slot and if it's a branded slot. If it's a branded slot then the producer also needs to look after the legal issues and the most complicated phase before the launch of a branded game is the approval of the license owner.

Game providers produce on average 1 to 2 games per month and it's up to the casino to include the game in their assortment or not. Nowadays the games are delivered in html 5, which is a programming language specific to mobile devices so a game can be played on a mobile and desktop device.

The production of a new casino game

Most game providers have brainstorming sessions where the clever and creative people of the company meet and come up with ideas about a new theme and title for a slot. Then the team of designers will get involved and will make the first designs. Once the designs and the bonus steps are approved, the technical department starts to build the game and you can gradually see how the game will look and what its features are.

The most important part of a game, the mathematics, will also be processed by the technical department and this will be tested to make the game attractive enough but still profitable for the casino.

The game is ready, so what now?

When the game provider has finished developing the game and it is ready to launch, then they need to distribute it to their customers, namely the online casinos. Until the launch of the game the online casino hasn't been involved, except if the game provider produces a game exclusively for 1 casino.

The game provider introduces the new game to their customers and if the casino (the customer) likes the game they will decide to put it live in the casino. Sometimes a casino doesn't like the game or doesn't believe that the game is good for their players so it will not launch the game. But this doesn't happen a lot because a casino always wants to offer new games to their players.

How the integration works

When the game provider informs the casino that a new game can be launched, the technical department adds the game code to the system and the game can then be added to the game assortment. This is an easy process which can be done in a few minutes. The difficult part is the set-up of the system where game providers can deliver new games to the casino. This can take days to weeks depending on the technical systems and if they can communicate easily.

The integration happens via an API (Application Programming Interface) which is the communication system between the game provider's and the casino's system. With the API the game provider doesn't have to install the whole hardware and settings of the game on the casino's server so the control of the game will always stay at the game provider.

Who controls the game?

The game provider always has the control of the game regarding pay-out percentage, bet limits and Random Number Generator settings. A casino will never be able to change these settings of the game so when you believe that a casino pushed a button so you don't win then take these thoughts away because it's not true.

A casino can request to lower the maximum bet and the game provider will be able to change this. But this will generally happen when the game is integrated, not afterwards.

Online casino games from professional game providers are always certified, which means they are tested by a 3rd party and they don't leave the factory before millions of spins are played and different patterns have passed the tests to be 100% sure that the game is honest and reliable.

What happens when there are problems with the game?

If you experience a problem with a casino game, for example the reels are stuck or you won money but it was not credited to your balance, the first thing you always have to do is to take a screenshot. I repeat it again; take a screenshot. This is your only proof that the game had a problem and this will increase your chances of compensation by 50%.

Video on how to make a screenshot

Then visit the live chat or send an email to the support team and describe the problem. Give as much information as you can to make it easier for them to sort it out. Also tell some information about the browser version and if you are playing on a mobile device or on a desktop version.

Like we said before, the casino has no control over the game, so therefore in case of a technical problem the casino needs to contact the game provider and they have to look into this. That's why it can take a bit long before you get an answer.

In most cases when a technical problem occurs you will get your bet back into your balance but there are occasions when this doesn't happen.

Does the casino buy the game or pay rent?

A casino never buys a game. A game is distributed over several casinos by a game provider and they all pay a percentage of the revenue (wagering minus pay-outs) generated by the game. Big casinos might pay 5%-10% and small casinos between 10% and 20%. A branded game like Guns and Roses slot has a higher percentage because the game providers needs to pay loyalty fee to the license holder of the name Guns and Roses and there are some other fees involved.

Now that you have some more inside information about the games in an online casino, you might feel more comfortable the next time when you are unlucky knowing that the games are certified and tested by 3rd parties, casinos cannot change any settings of the game and make screenshots and report as much information as possible when there is a technical problem.

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