Top 10 most expensive gambling domain names

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Created: 28 April 2016
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In the top 100 most expensive domain names we can find 5 gambling related domain names with as the most expensive domain name sold for an amount of $38 million. We have collected for you the 10 most expensive gambling related domain names with a small history of each domain name.

1. - $38 million is an online portal for visiting Las Vegas and booking hotels, flights and shows. It has all the information you need when visiting Las Vegas and you can book different tours. The site has around 3.4 million visitors a month.

In August 2015 was sold for up to $38 million to Remark Media, Inc. In this deal the owners, The Greenspun Corporation got:
- $15.5 million in cash
- $9.5 million in shares of stock in Remark
- $10 million in 5 year warrants to purchase shares of common stock in Remark
- Up to $3 million share of the earnings for the years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

2. - $8 million

The domain name was bought at the end of 2014 for an amount of $8 million by Unibet Group. The previous owner of this domain name is also the owner of Trophy Bingo which is a social bingo room and now they can completely focus on this product. The reason why they sold was the increasing competition at that time and they decided that it was in the best interests of the company to sell the domain name.


3. - $5.5 million was until 2007 an online casino portal and was bought in 2003 by the Mansion Group for an amount of $5.5 million. The previous owner Boss Media used the site as a successful casino portal but Mansion Group saw more profit in running an online casino. is now a full Playtech casino and changed from an online portal to an online casino in 2008. Since then it is offering Playtech casino games.


4. - $5.5 million

The domain name was bought in 2010 by the Bodog Brand for an amount of $5.5 million. The domain name was sold via an auction on Moniker after being on sale in a SnapNames auction but concluded without a bid.

The domain name was registered in 1995 and was used as an online portal offering online casino sites via affiliate deals. Nowadays it still is an online casino portal promoting only two online casinos.

The site doesn't have many visitors, about 15.000 a month but the potentials of this name are huge and insiders are expecting a nice Slots casino to be launched on this domain name.


5. - $2.5 million is a big casino portal  currently owned by PAX media. According to their site, PAX media has no intention of selling this domain name any time soon but if they do, we are sure that it will be much more than the price of $2.5 million they paid in April 2011.

Having said that, the previous owner thought probably the same when they bought in 2005 for an amount of $20 million, but with the sale in 2011 to PAX media they lost $17.5 million. Mainly because of a penalty by Google from 2007 until 2009 and the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, the traffic numbers drastically declined and so did the value of the site.


6. - $1.35 million was registered in 1996 by Rick Schwartz, a domain broker who sold it in 2013 for an amount of $1.35 million to a company in the Philippines. It's now an Azian sports betting site.


7. - $1.18 million
In 2007 there was a big domain name auction organised by Moniker on the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference. Many domain names were sold for high prices including for an amount of $1.18 million. The site is now managed by a Vegas company offering live scores for different sport competitions.


8. - $1 million
The domain name was bought in 2010 by for 1 million at a Sedo auction. This was at that time the highest sale or a .org domain name. is now a big poker portal with a forum, a poker school, blogs and links to poker rooms.


9. - $958.000 is a German poker portal with several poker rooms promoted and some news and informative articles about poker. It was bought in 2007 by Party Poker during a domain auction in Amsterdam. Partypoker is the first poker room on the site which is not a surprise considering who is the owner of this portal.


10. - $500.000
This domain name was bought by a British Virgin Islands company in April 2012. It was sold on Moniker domain name auction for an amount of $500.000.

At the moment the whois site shows Lottomatrix as owner of


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