How to choose an online casino

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Created: 04 April 2016
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Finding an online casino is not difficult, and in countries where gambling is legal you cannot avoid all the commercials and billboards from online casinos. Typing the keywords 'online casino' in Google gives you thousands of choices for finding an online casino and it's also easy to find your new gambling destination on online casino portals. But the difficult part is 'how to choose an online casino' out of all those choices? In this article, we will give you 5 tips to make sure that you deposit your money in a safe and reliable place.

Tip 1: Do research in google

Type the casino name in google and add words like 'scam', 'complaints' or 'problems'. You will probably get positive results for each casino you research, but your job is to see how bad the problems are. There are always players who complain about a casino even without real cause, or if they just lost their money. Don't pay attention to complaints from players who say that they lost their money or that they didn't get an answer fast enough from support. Casinos don't control if you win or lose and it's always possible that you get an answer a bit later than you would like to when the support team is busy or even have to go to the toilet for a few minutes.

But if you see complaints that a player didn't receive their winnings or that money suddenly disappeared from their account/game balance, then it's wise to avoid this casino. These are serious problems which are a mistake from the casino because this means that the casino site is not reliable enough and these problems could also happen to you.

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Tip 2: Don't just go for the big bonus

The bigger the bonus, the stricter the terms and conditions. Nothing is free and especially not at online casinos. So if you get a lot of free spins or money always read the terms of the offer. Chances are that you need to wager the bonus or winnings from the free spins 50-100 times or there is a maximum withdrawal amount.

The best is to find a casino with a bonus offer of 100% up to €200 and some free spins when you open an account to test the games for real money. But also for these casinos it's wise to read the bonus terms.

Tip 3: Test the live chat

Visit the live chat or send an email with some questions and see how fast they reply and how professional the answers are. Casinos are using canned responses which are standard answers to make their job faster. This is acceptable, but it gets bad if they use the wrong template or are too lazy to type an answer if they don't have the right template.

Also, if you need to wait more than 5 minutes at the live chat then it's a problem as well. Of course they can be busy but you should at least get a quick answer that they will be with you in a minute.

Tip 4: License of the casino

Of course it's safer to play at an online casino with a good license but it doesn't guarantee that you won’t have problems. A casino with a license in UK, Denmark and Belgium will be checked very strictly by the license provider but it doesn’t guarantee good service and you can have problems there too. Furthermore, a casino with a license in Curacao, Malta or Costa can offer better games, service and safety than a casino licensed in UK or Denmark.

If you need to choose between two casinos with the same bonus offer, same games and same support level but one has a license in UK and the other in Costa Rica then it's better to choose for the casino with the UK license. But you should still do the Google research which we explained in point 1

Tip 5: Deposit and Withdrawal methods

This is very important because you need to check how you can receive your money when you win at the casino. If you deposit with Neteller or Skrill and you can only receive your money by bank transfer then this is not comfortable. The main reason you use e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill is the advantage of using 1 account for all deposits and withdrawals. So always read the banking page to check if the casino offers the deposit and withdrawal methods you prefer.

These are the most important issues you need to study before you choose the best casino for you. On our site you can find the above information in the review of each casino, so you don't need to go to every casino first to find the information.

Good luck in choosing your new online casino and hopefully you will find the perfect destination.

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