How to win at online slots

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Created: 20 March 2016
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One of the most asked question from casino players is 'How can I win in an online casino'. Everybody wants to know the secret and find a way to win at online slots and there are players who think they know the answer until the RNG works against them and they land in a losing streak. Although luck is all you need for winning at an online slot we do have some useful information about how to increase the chances of winning, read these do's and dont's about playing video slots.

Don't go for popularity

Choose a new online casino and search for the less popular games of that casino. The reason to play at a new online casino is that there are not too many players yet, so you have more chances to win. A video slot pay-out percentage is set per game and per casino so with an old casino with many players the prices are divided between more players. In addition, choose a video slot which is not too popular and play on that slot for a long time. The idea behind this is that eventually this slot has to give a prize, so staying on the same slot for a long time gives you more chances to win.

Finding a less popular slot is easy. Don't choose the slots on the first page but choose one of the last games in the assortment of a casino.

Always play maximum win lines

There are different kinds of slots regarding win lines. You have the 243 ways slots which have 243 win combinations and you cannot change these. Then there are slots with a fixed number of win lines and slots where you can select the number of win lines. For the last slots always choose the highest number of win lines and play the maximum bet. This means that you have to choose a slot with coin value and bet at a level that fits in your budget.


Maximum bet with bonus money

Always read the bonus terms and check the maximum bet you can play on slots. This varies per casino but mostly it's between 5 and 10 euro. It's a shame if you win a high price with bonus money and you went over the maximum bet. The casino will definitely cancel your withdrawal because you breached their terms and conditions.

Change your bet when losing/winning

When you win a good prize, request a withdrawal for that amount and keep the amount you had in your balance to continue playing. Like this you basically have a play balance and a win balance and with the play balance you try to increase the win balance.

Practice makes perfect

If you want to try a new slot, always play for a while with low bets before going for maximum win lines and bets. This way you get to know the slot and how the mechanics of the game works. Furthermore, if after a while you don't feel comfortable with this slot you need to choose another one. This is possible and when you try the slot with low bets your losses are not too high.

Play on a slot with bonus game

Nowadays you can find slots with different bonus features. Choose a slot with a bonus games because there you can win more than with a regular slot. Always study the video slot and learn how to activate the bonus game.

slot with bonus feature

Try video poker games for a change

Are you bored of playing slots? You can try to play on video poker games for a while. These have a better pay-out percentage and there is more strategy involved.

Don't buy slots strategies online

There are sites which sell strategies to win from the casino at slots games. Don't fall for this because there is no strategy to beat the casino and you’re only wasting your money. It would be better to use your money to spin on a slot.

Important tip for land based video slots

This article is mainly about online slots but we don't want you to miss this very important tip for slots at landbased casinos. Never play at a casino in an airport. The odds are much lower and it's very difficult to win at these casinos. The reason for this is that at airport casinos players are just there for a few hours and then they leave the country and in most cases they never come back. That means that the casino really loses their money when a winning player leaves the airport while a land based casino in a city most of the times sees a winning player returning to the casino and in most cases bringing back the money.

video slot on an airport

We hope that the above tips will help you get some winning moments at online slots. Remember to always control your bankroll and be patient in winning money.

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